A City for Tomorrow



THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER, a book published by The Stelle Group, provides a general outline of the work of the ancient Brotherhoods and briefly states the importance of an Illinois community to Their plans for preserving and uplifting a special segment of civilization. This brochure, which presupposes your understanding of the principles set forth in THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER, is designed to explain the role of The Stelle Group in training the citizens of the community in Illinois and to acquaint you with how you may become a part of the exciting creation of an advanced civilization.


The name of the community is Stelle, and The Stelle Group derives its name accordingly. The Stelle Group was organized March 5, 1963, as a religious, educational, not-for-profit corporation and is recognized by the federal Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization.


The principal activity of The Stelle Group is to provide instruction and guidance for the persons who aspire to learn and to put into practice a way of life based on the philosophy of the Brotherhoods, The Stelle Group provides a total learning environment which encompasses all aspects of life—work, play, home, social, communal and spiritual—thereby providing an atmosphere conducive to the participant’s pursuit of Egoic advancement and his acquisition of skills necessary to help build the Nation of God. He operates in a daily situation which excludes deleterious exposure to outside negative influences. Education is available for every­one in the community of Stelle—whether student or participant, child or adult. The realm of the Stelle School is the entire community.


Homes, factories and businesses in the Stelle community are owned by a separate organization called Stelle Industries, Inc. Regular employment and on-the-job vocational training are available to students and participants in the companies owned by Stelle Industries, Inc.


It is important that the philosophy of the Brotherhoods reach into all phases of our activities if Stelle is to enjoy the balanced civilization we desire, and the workday is no exception. Students and participants in The Stelle Group enjoy daily application of Cosmic Law in a business atmos­phere. Business is the principal contact a man has with his fellowman. He spends more time at work than at home with family and friends. Nowhere else in all of man’s activities are the responsibilities and duties toward others so frequently tested as during the business day.


Membership in The Stelle Group is necessarily quite restrictive, and much care will be exercised in the selection of candidates for the honor of taking part in this important phase of promoting the Brotherhoods’ Great Work. One’s race or national heritage has no bearing on eligibility for membership, and a candidate need not have a college degree. Your enthusiasm and ability to learn will be decisive factors, and moral character and psychological maturity will count heavily. Remember, The Stelle Group is designed to bring together only the finest persons available while withholding the mediocre. You must ask yourself, “What have I to offer fellow members in the way of my special skills and native intelligence?” Everyone must carry his own weight, for the community is not intended as an escape where one can lean back and be taken care of by the Brotherhoods,


It should be understood that no Utopian claims are made for the way of life in Stelle. It is a place for learning, problem solving, forging a singularly advanced culture and developing one’s Ego both psychologically and spiritually. Although living in Stelle may constitute a retreat from the perversions of the world-at-large, it is not a dull or inactive community. It is a social workshop of the most meaningful kind, Members from different cultural heritages are coming together in Stelle, and the best features of each culture will be adopted by conscious determination of the members themselves. Utopias imply total satisfaction of each person’s desires; however, this is a contradiction of human nature and probably could never be achieved by more than one person for but a brief span of time. Civilization at its best is a compromise which is agreed upon by self-governing members who work actively to bring into moderating balance the essential conflict of liberty and license. This challenge is no less diminished by residence in Stelle. If anything, the challenge is more profound because all the premises of civilization must be re-examined by the community and new approaches made to the achievement of a society greater than has ever been known. These difficulties will be compounded somewhat by our educational concept of stimulating Egoic individuality. Even though Stelle may not be the Utopia dreamed of by many idealistic persons, we expect to attain camaraderie, prosperity and happiness unsurpassed by any society within history’s recollection.


All members of The Stelle Group must speak the English language but need not be citizens of the United States of America to enter the community in northeastern Illinois. Only men and women twenty-one years of age or older may be members of The Stelle Group, but minor children of member families may also enjoy the advantages of residence in the community. Indeed, the children of Stelle are especially precious Egos in the evolving Citizenry of the Nation of God. Both husband and wife must be acceptable as members in The Stelle Group and must as individuals meet all basic requirements for membership. Moreover, all minor children of a family must meet certain minimum standards of training in discipline and social attitudes. Since The Stelle Group does not intend to be responsible for the breaking up of marriages or families, neither spouse will be permitted to become a member unless everyone in the family is found to be acceptable.


The Brotherhoods offer no apology for this restriction however disappointing it may be for many persons. The hour has come to bring together those who are fit to build the Nation of God and its precursor community in Illinois. Every inhabitant of Stelle must be guaranteed that his fellow members and neighbors are of sufficient personal advancement that they will not be a drag on his efforts to create a magnificent civilization. In order for any group to complete this task in only one generation, it must be composed of exceptional persons. The Brotherhoods affirm that more than a million Egos now incarnated in the United States of America have attained one or more degrees of Brotherhood in previous lifetimes; however, few suspect their former advancement. The majority of these Egos have been diverted by evil Mentalists from their purpose in this lifetime so that they find the philosophy of the Brotherhoods unattractive in comparison to whatever other beliefs they have been led to adopt. Many others of these million Egos have married below their status of spiritual advancement and thus will be withheld from actual participation in Stelle by their spouses. Nevertheless, many tens of thousands of these million Americans and thousands of similarly advanced Egos who will come from elsewhere around the world are ready to take part in the Brotherhoods’ plans for Stelle and thereby fulfill the principal mission of their present incarnation. The children born of these citizens will be Egos even better fitted for continuing the work of building a master civilization. When someone joins The Stelle Group, he joins in the work of the Brotherhoods. Nowhere else can an individual enjoy the privilege of being so closely involved with the Brotherhoods’ tasks and methods of doing things without actually being a Brother, for no school offers the opportunities which exist within The Stelle Group.


Each adult resident in Stelle will receive Citizenship Training from representatives of the Lesser Brotherhoods. This special instruction, requiring about seven years for completion, will provide a thorough grounding in the sacred wisdom of the Brotherhoods and greatly accelerate the resident member’s attainment of First Degree. After a resident of Stelle completes the Brotherhoods’ course in Citizenship Training, he is entitled thereafter to two votes in elections and in matters requiring balloting in The Stelle Group.


The Stelle Group had intended at one time to make available to interested outsiders a course of instruction via mail correspondence to be preparatory to the Brotherhoods’ Citizenship Training. However, this was discontinued when it was found that mere information did not add to the students growth as much as actual participation in Stelle where the philosophy is tried and tested in actual day-to-day circumstances. The Stelle Group’s authorization is primarily to develop the technological means for survival at the turn of the century and to provide a place to enhance spiritual development, The Stelle Group is neither a Brotherhood nor a mundane school of a Brotherhood but rather derives its authorization directly from the Council of Seven, which coordinates the activities of all seven Lesser Brotherhoods. The Stelle Group is a temporary organization intended to fill a special role in the Great Plan of the Brotherhoods for about seventy-five years.


By means of Orientation Seminars at Stelle, The Stelle Group provides directions for its new participants on how best to prepare themselves for Brotherhood. This consists of a review of the philosophy to assure that participants in Stelle have no misunderstandings about basic principles, and it also concerns one’s personal acquisition of the Great Virtues, namely: Charity, Courage, Devotion, Discernment, Efficiency, Forbearance, Humility, Kindliness, Patience, Precision, Sincerity and Tolerance. This recital of attributes is deceptively simple, for making them part of one’s character takes time and stamina. New points of view must be assimilated, and old prejudices must be shed. Resilience of mind is therefore essential to Egoic advancement, and there are no short cuts to Egoic perfection. Although the principles can be easily grasped, one must practice what he hopes to become and not just parrot the directions of how to arrive at an elevated condition, The Brotherhoods are wise, just and thorough in selecting Their students, and no one can conceal his private actions and true thoughts from the Brotherhoods. To hope that good intentions and an outward show of right action will suffice to gain the privilege of instruction by Them is foolishly futile.. Egos who are already Brothers rose by accomplishment No one deserves or can utilize advanced knowledge without having first mastered the fundamentals expected of him.


If during the remainder of this century we in Stelle are lax in applying ourselves to the basic and comparatively simpler tasks of self-improvement, the Brotherhoods will not be justified in extending Their further efforts in our behalf, Stelle is undoubtedly the greatest opportunity made available to mankind for thousands of years; but if inattention to essentials results in a lack of meaningful and continuing Egoic uplift of its members, then all future opportunities for civilization will come to an end through our negligence. We cannot afford to have any resident of Stelle depend upon the aggregate growth of his neighbors to cover his own backsliding; therefore, the by-laws of The Stelle Group provide for the fair and non-punitive withdrawal of the person who is found wanting. Each person must contribute positively to the forwarding of the community as a whole, for a culture is only as great as the individuals comprising it.


The oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods has devoted two hundred centuries to analysis of the causes for success and failure of every civilization which has arisen on our planet. The purpose of this monumental undertaking has been to provide the data necessary for the establishment of a perfect civilization capable of avoiding the pitfalls which have been the undoing of all prior civilizations, All the Lesser Brotherhoods have put Themselves under the direction of the oldest Lesser Brotherhood while it is directing the formation of the Nation of God; and a tremendous concerted effort at the highest level is being made to provide the protection, opportunity and mental precipitation necessary for its success. In order to further coordinate this work, the oldest Lesser Brotherhood has temporarily assumed jurisdiction over all granting of degrees of Brotherhood, which formerly was shared by the other six Lesser Brotherhoods. However, in spite of the exhaustive preparations made for us by the Higher Beings, it is mortal men who must rise to the challenge of bringing the Nation of God to fruition. If men do not aspire to this rewarding task, the destruction of civilization at the turn of the century will be total, and further opportunity for men to work toward Mastership, will be lost.


Stelle can be your home. You may be one of those intended to build it and run it. Within its framework, you will have the opportunity to put into practice the highest ideals to which you aspire. By using the knowledge of the Brotherhoods as guidelines, you will be in an unprecedented position to solve age-old human problems and succeed in all things. But, as always, we must ultimately base our prospects for success on the individual. Our members shall be shown the hallmarks, advantages and inherent happiness of becoming whole human beings; and this wholeness requires balance between their spiritual, mental and practical natures. Personal acquisition of the Great Virtues builds character, integrity and morality bordering on greatness and results naturally in the intensification of extrasensory perception which affords a channel to Higher Sources. The keys are profoundly simple, and the Brotherhoods’ way of life is easily comprehended, but putting these concepts into actual practice is inherently a slow and sometimes exasperating remaking of oneself. Fortunately, the environment of Stelle provides a beneficial atmosphere for successfully meeting life and its problems.


One’s role in the present commercial system of the world tends to detract from his better aspirations, and so Stelle aims to keep men from becoming victims of their means of earning a living. Obviously, neither an individual nor the community can grow without a sound economic base. Everyone must be practical in providing food, clothing and shelter for himself in accordance with karmic accountancy. Moreover, a rapid economic growth of Stelle is required to expand our citizenry, meet the costs of building an entire city, pay for the research essential to our survival of Armageddon and provide comforts which remove the harried sense of want and insecurity so detrimental to attitudes of personal peace.


The cost of living in Stelle will be about half that of the nation when the community grows and becomes self-sufficient. The price of food, clothing and other commodities in the community will be less than elsewhere in the United States because distributors’ profits and excessive retail markups will be virtually eliminated. In keeping with this range of economics, the wages in Stelle will also be lower for a very essential mason: lower labor cost of the products produced by Stelle’s factories will give us a tremendous advantage in selling our products to the world-at-large. Lower wages will allow more rapid recovery of initial investment costs and offset the inefficiencies of learning new skills. In the long run, we will sell better, more desirable products at lower prices than our competitors.


The standard of living being developed in Stelle will be much higher than that available to higher-salaried Americans. Stelle residents will enjoy superior goods, extra-fine foods, luxurious living quarters and beautiful surroundings; and this is in addition to the priceless advantages of a moral and intellectual environment unattainable in the rest of the world. The annual wage will be sufficient for a man to raise his family comfortably with himself as the sole wage earner so that a mother need not be employed outside the home. She has the greater task of better preparing her children for Citizenship, and nothing must diminish this.


Service and manufacturing enterprises are operated by companies which are all divisions of Stelle industries, Inc. The stock holders are limited to members of The Stelle Group, but no stock is owned by The Stelle Group itself. Each company is responsible for showing a profit and paying taxes, and employees will share in the profits of its enterprise. No one is the employee of another person, but he has equal vote in the determination of his division’s managers by virtue of his employment in it.


The Stelle Group does not take part in any municipal government, but it does supply community services, including utilities, generally provided by a municipal corporation.


The Stelle Group sponsors no religious services. The Philosophy of Melchizedek recognizes no sacraments, for such imply a priesthood to perform them. However, His philosophy as taught by the Brotherhoods is couched in such reverential beauty that it cannot but elicit inspired devotion to the ideals of the Great Ones and the Cosmic principles They have revealed. Egoic advancement is by its very nature an individual and private undertaking which is little enhanced by congregational activities. Nevertheless, the religious impulse aroused by the Brotherhoods’ phi­losophy cannot be denied, and the natural desire within many persons to gather together in fellowship with those who share like interests and beliefs has always given rise to churches, temples and lodges in our culture. Therefore, it is fitting that a fellowship hall for regular gatherings of its members be provided by The Stelle Group which can also serve as a center for its social functions.


The solemnification of marriage is a deeply felt need among all people. Although no words said by a third person can effect a true union between a man and wife, such ceremony provides a very necessary social acceptance of a proper union and is the occasion of fine emotions in all concerned. The Stelle Group is authorized by law to conduct marriage ceremonies wherein the couple marry themselves by declaring their state of marriage before the congregation.


The Stelle Group, then, has many obligations: it provides the nucleus for founding Stelle and the Nation of God; it provides preliminary philosophical guidance for aspirants to the Brotherhoods’ training; it is responsible for all educational facilities in Stelle; and it meets needs which are commonly religious in nature.


The affairs of Stelle are governed by the Board of Trustees, who are elected from among the general membership. At all times the Board of Trustees welcomes the suggestions, ideas, complaints and opinions of every member, and majority opinion may be solicited from time to time by the Board.


Each participant of The Stelle Group who arrives in the community of Stelle will enjoy a trial period of at least six months to decide if he wishes to remain and become a permanent part of the community. During this period he will have associate status, and he will live in the community in temporary quarters. Living space during the trial period is limited to specific apartments; but after he becomes a member, he will move to an apartment or a house of his own choice. During the trial period, the associate and the community can test their mutual compatibility. If the associate elects to stay, he is required to sign an agreement with The Stelle Group which sets forth his specific obligations, rights and benefits as a member. This agreement is called the Social Contract.


It is apropos that only the actual residents of Stelle be the franchised voters of The Stelle Group. It is recognized that a participant’s understanding of the problems of creating a community depends largely upon his actually living and working within it. Therefore, as of January 1, 1970, four classes of participation have been designated, each with a different degree of voice in the affairs of The Stelle Group. The four classes are Member, Associate, Nonresident, and Provisional Applicant; and they are defined as follows:

Member. Member status applies to the resident of Stelle. A member is entitled to one vote in elections and in matters requiring balloting.

Associate. This applies to a participant during his first six months’ residence in or near Stelle. An associate is entitled to one-half vote in elections and in matters requiring balloting.

Associate status provides a six-month trial period under the jurisdiction of the Admissions Committee, and this trial period constitutes an extension of the admissions procedure. An associate will be accorded member status not sooner than six months after his arrival in the community, or he may be removed by the Admissions Committee from further participation in The Stelle Group any time before that, or the committee may recommend continuance of the trial period.

Nonresident. Each applicant who does not reside within convenient driving distance of Stelle shall be accorded the status of nonresident upon his acceptance as a participant in The Stelle Group by the Admissions Committee. The nonresident has no voting privileges.

The nonresident’s status shall change automatically to associate upon moving to the community to assist in the work of The Stelle Group.

Provisional Applicant. This status applies to the person who cannot presently meet all the requirements for membership in The Stelle Group but will in the near future (i.e., under 21 years of age, current divorce action not final, etc.). The provisional applicant has no voting privileges, but he can attend meetings and debate issues.


The status of provisional applicant is intended to allow the person who would otherwise be acceptable as a member to participate immediately in the work of The Stelle Group.


At the time a participant becomes a resident member in Stelle by signing the Social Contract, the member must will all his possessions to The Stelle Group save his household furnishings and automobile, which can be wilted to other persons. If one is married, the spouse is willed all assets; then, upon the death of the surviving spouse, remaining assets go to The Stelle Group rather than to the couple’s children. In this way family financial dynasties cannot develop. The will is voided if the member leaves the community.


A member upon signing the Social Contract must also convert all his assets into cash and pay off any loans or other debts. No one may remain in the community unless his outside financial obligations are balanced. A person who has to make alimony or child-support payments which obligate his future must make a lump-sum settlement or establish a paid-up trust fund so that no money leaves the economic commonwealth of Stelle for such purposes. All real estate, stocks, bonds and assets other than personal furnishings and automobile must be liquidated, and the cash proceeds in excess of a fixed amount for initial living expenses in Stelle are either donated to The Stelle Group or used to buy stock in Stelle Industries, Inc., at the member’s option. Many persons who will be inclined toward Stelle have been guided into stewardship over accumu­lated assets for the eventual benefit of the Brotherhoods’ Great Plan, and the Brotherhoods can channel additional funds into Stelle through persons who have already become members. The member who becomes the beneficiary of an endowment, inheritance, gift or prize shall donate it to The Stelle Group. If a person has truly earned the money he donates, he will receive karmic credits for the benefit of his subsequent incarnations; and if he accumulated more assets than he properly compensated for, his donation will cancel accrued karmic debits, The Brotherhoods would never expect unfair sacrifices of any person, and the laws of nature insure justice over the long run. No investments or assets outside of Stelle can be allowed a member; for it is an all too valid truism that where a man’s money is, there his heart is also. Possessions tend to own us so strongly that many persons will be unable to give up their symbols of social status in the outside world in order to move to Stelle, and so they will hold on until they lose everything.


Because of the collapse of the American economy to occur in the middle 1970’s, which will be accompanied by violent political readjust­ adjustments, the best use to which one’s wealth can be put before it becomes worthless is to help build Stelle. Price fluctuations will be little felt at Stelle because its integrated economy, consisting of an internal balance of agriculture and manufacture, will be self-sustaining except for some industrial raw material which will have to be stockpiled. Even though money, real estate, and conventional securities will later become untrans­latable into purchasing power in the outside world, the Stelle exchange standard based on the labor-hour will remain steady. Unfortunately, the number of persons who can be brought into Stelle after the general economic failure will be much curtailed because new housing will become a severe problem due to lack of national suppliers of raw materials. The breakdown of credit and the public’s general rejection of the dollar as a medium of exchange will paralyze the nation’s commerce and bring governmental functions to a virtual standstill.


A general deterioration of world economy will stem from a balancing of karmic debts and the disruptions caused by worldwide famine. The depletion of American financial resources a few years hence will result in panic and economic depression. Mankind’s protection from centuries-old karmic retribution is now being lessened by the Higher Beings who have been cushioning us from our just deserts. Therefore, the citizens of Stelle must do everything possible to diminish their personal karmic debts so that the community as a whole has the protection afforded by a minimum aggregate karmic indebtedness.


Only participants of The Stelle Group can be granted admission to the community as it is built, but this does not restrict other persons from donating their financial support to the important work of The Stelle Group. It should be apparent even to those who cannot immediately participate in the community that the Great Plan of the Brotherhoods deserves and needs the support of every conscientious person who is concerned with the preservation of civilization. This important hope for mankind naturally appeals to the idealism of persons everywhere, and their desire to assist is welcomed. Everyone who learns of the role of The Stelle Group in the Brotherhoods’ Plan acquires a responsibility to spread the word about Stelle. In this respect you are an important messenger of the Brotherhoods and may well provide the missing key to the searchings of many other Egos.


It is suggested to participants of The Stelle Group that they donate one tenth of their income after taxes since one’s karmic compensation for the gifts of nature is met by tithing to God’s Work; and there could hardly be a more worthy work than the creation of Stelle and the Nation of God. Tithing is inherently an equitable sliding scale geared to the means of each donor, and its practice brings added prosperity to the person who recognizes that there is no such thing as something for nothing in nature. Having the courage to be one of the first members will have its fair rewards, and the karmic returns for being among those who contribute the most generously are scrupulously lust. It is in each member’s self-interest that he hasten the growth of Stelle by donating what he can reasonably afford as quickly as possible.


The first parcel of land purchased is equivalent to 48 city blacks. The homes and other structures in Stelle are sturdily built with attention to details, and private homes have a minimum of 1,800 square feet of living area, while apartments are spacious and soundproofed. Tasteful architecture and landscaping characterize all structures. In order to further an overall garden-like appearance, utilities are buried underground and advertising signs am prohibited. Within a few years we should be manufacturing silent electric automobiles for use within Stelle, and to as great a degree as possible we expect to eliminate the discomforts and inconveniences of winter through the use of our technology.


The Pursuit of Excellence is the aim of Stelle, and it can be realized only if each person contributes his vary best. Every practical measure must be taken to provide the environment most conducive to the development of Egos to the First Degree of Brotherhood because only they may populate the Nation of God. The city of Stelle will develop a substantial number of the 144,000 men and women who will comprise the original Citizenry of the Nation of God, and the others will he gathered from all over the world near the end of the century from among Adepts and Brothers. Highly-developed Egos who have not incarnated for ten thousand years and more have awaited the formation of Stelle so that They may became the children of residents in the Illinois community. And, of course, most of the persons who are now attracted to The Stelle Group also attained one or more degrees of Brotherhood during civilizations more conducive to advancement than the society in which we now struggle. The residents of Stelle who have not acquired the First Degree of Brotherhood before Armageddon will also be airlifted to safety, and they will form an important secondary society removed from the Nation of God, Stelle will be maintained for about a generation thereafter as a continuing pool of Egos likely to attain Brotherhood.


To assist in the building of Stelle is perhaps the most exciting adventure ever offered you, and the deep personal satisfactions afforded by such an undertaking are great rewards in themselves. But the building of one’s own Egoic advancement is even more thrilling, for thereby you experience an intensification of life which leads to unimaginable participation-in-depth with all existence. Advanced training will show you the way to achieve understanding, creativity, and the means to personal control over your environment through application of Universal Law, In Stelle you will have the practical opportunity to put this information to work so that you may make it tasted, unshakeable knowledge.


In order to apply for membership in The Stelle Group, it is necessary to complete the APPLICATION FORM accompanying this brochure. There are no registration or initiation fees to be paid in order to become a participant of The Stelle Group, and there are no dues required at any time, After your application has been submitted, arrangement will be made for you to meet with a staff member of The Stelle Group. Acceptance into The Stelle Group is verified by letter.


The APPLICATION FORM is designed to separate the casually-interested persons from those who sincerely wish to participate in the Great Plan of the Brotherhoods. Considerable expense and much careful effort will be expended by The Stelle Group in interviewing the prospective member, and preliminary selection of an applicant will depend heavily upon such evidence of personal enthusiasm, practical ability and conscientiousness as can be conveyed in his application material. The applicant’s attention to detail and his meticulous care in preparing his answers should reflect the high aspirations of the new civilization. A guarded or demure approach to filling out the APPLICATION FORM would naturally tend to be self-defeating. All information supplied to The Stelle Group in connection with application for membership is respected for its personal nature and is held strictly confidential by the Admissions Committee.


Additional brochures and APPLICATION FORMS may be obtained by writing to:


The Stelle Group


Stelle, Illinois

Cabery P.O., 60919




























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    March 1965

    Revised May 1970, December 1971, January 1974