Improving Our Physical Vehicles


By Richard Kieninger


One of the requirements for First Degree Brotherhood is control over our bodies to the extent that we have superior health and stamina. As the Essene in Florida said to Richard, “... a sound Mind cannot exist in a poor body, nor is a sound body compatible with a distraught Mind. Spiritual harmony and advancement demand a vigorous, stable Mind and body.”


Many people have noticed a significant improvement in their health on applying the suggestions for healthful living in The Ultimate Frontier. Perhaps the most important of these is maintaining a sunny, cheerful attitude. Since mental thought makes a direct impression on the Etheric Plane, our positive or negative thoughts will have a corresponding effect on our Vital Bodies. A positive self-image maintains a healthy body. Frequent negative thought results in a breakdown of normal body function and makes one susceptible to any roving germs. Also, “... Fear of disease is a principal factor in its contraction. To have confidence in the knowledge that one can overcome the adverse influences of microbial infection by mentally reinforcing the natural defenses of the body is a force of such magnitude that positive outlook alone will prevent illness from ever threatening.”


We come from a society which dwells on illness in everyday conversation. Talking about one’s aches and pains or Aunt Mabel’s operation is about as common as talking about the weather. We want to create a culture that focuses on health rather than illness. Here are some ways that you can help do this:


1.     When you do not feel very well, avoid publicizing your condition to others. There are times when someone has a need to know, but avoid using your ailments as a bid for sympathy or as a topic of conversation.


2.     Avoid passing on beliefs to your children that they will get sick if they stay up too late, feel chilled, forget their vitamins, etc. If they do become ill, avoid giving them more love and attention than they normally receive. (This makes being sick quite desirable.)


3.     Have faith in the power of the Mind over the body. We can frequently dissipate our ailments with positive thoughts and a sincere desire to be well again.


A positive mental outlook can override physical neglect of our bodies, for a time at least, yet our advancement toward Brotherhood will be aided by taking good care of our physical vehicles. Glowing, vibrant health is our goal!