The Trilateral Commission


The Trilateral Commission was one of the first stages of getting the New World Order actually off the planning board and into reality. The Trilateral Commission speaks primarily of the North America. That is the United States and Canadian economy and that is one third of The Trilateral Commission. The other is the European nations. That is another third. Then the Asian block, primarily led by Japan, as being the third leg of The Trilateral Commission. Essentially, these areas will be enlarged to include all of the countries surrounding these principle industrial nations. South America eventually will be brought in rapidly to an economic and political cooperation with the United States and Canada. NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, is part of that. Japan is rapidly being a center point or the rallying point for the Asian nations. Japan is taking a very active role in visiting with high ranking officials, even the Emperor, in places like Taiwan and places in South East Asia. The Chinese block is being pulled into the Japanese sphere of influence. Europe, of course, is trying to unite and that is with a great deal of planning and effort over the past, at past forty years, to make this happen. The UN (United Nations), when it was established after World War II, was a part of this plan that was conceived back after World War I.