Does Cremation Effect Transition?


Question:†††† Would cremation have any effect upon the retrospection period after transition?


Answer:†††††† The proper method, as far as the Brotherhoods are concerned, is that the body be refrigerated immediately after death and brought down to just a few degrees above freezing so that there will be the least amount of deterioration for the next three days. After 72 hours, the body should be cremated.


Reincarnation is not possible until the prior body that was used has deteriorated to an extent that the bones are falling away from their connections. If the body is destroyed, as by fire or explosion, you cannot go through retrospection until you take on an infantís body that will die a couple of months or even days after birth. Then you would go through retrospection. It is also imperative that you do die, and not continue that infantís life.


Question:†††† Why is it necessary to have a fairly complete body to go through retrospection?


Answer:†††††† I have only been told that it is essential.


Question:†††† Does giving away certain organs of the body after death affect retrospection?


Answer:†††††† There are many people walking the streets who are blind or are missing various limbs or organs and they all are able to go through retrospection. (10-1972)