What Is the Nature of Time?


RK:    All of our thoughts and actions, taken together, have an influence on all of us as Egos in the past and in the future. Every event, every thought, and the effect of it, goes in both directions: into the past and into the future. But, we are only aware of the moment, now. So, I suppose all the influences of the Lemurian civilization and the Atlantean civilization have a kind of a drawing upward effect on what were the primitive peoples on this planet. Also, the backward nature of the first few hundred thousand years of human existence on this planet had a drawing back effect on the future societies. What we think today has an influence not only on the past, but also in the future. The kinds of things that the all the human beings on the Earth, by and large, their attitudes and what have you, have an influence either for the good or for the bad, depending on what kinds of thoughts they are, on things for the next seven-thousand years. So, when you say Black Mentalists today might project their thoughts back into earlier times and bedevil people back in those periods, that is possible—same thing in the future. But for now, they have no influence on you unless you pursue it because there is a protection from the Archangelic Plane against that.


Q:      It is hard to think in four dimensions when I am still having trouble with three.


RK:    And there might be other dimensions besides. Theoreticians in physics really get carried away with how many dimensions there are. I think the last I heard, there is twelve, but that is all theoretical. If you want to give yourself a good thought experiment, that is a good one to start on.