Theosophy – Modern-Day


Madame Blavatsky managed to capture the movement [teachings of the Brahmic Brotherhoods] which she eventually named the Theosophical movement from the pilgrims that came from India, who were essentially Brahmic priests, who happened to be in-the-know. They were not confusing things with the Hindu concepts at all. They were able to teach the Brahmic truths and were going through Russia and the rest of Europe, over a period of years, trying to teach what it was that India's heritage had of value to the concepts that were helping to lead people astray that they could help balance things and bring it back into a more humane way of looking at life; being a little bit more Dyonisian and a little bit less Apollonian in outlook. She managed to capture that movement and became the head of it. The reason for that was so that the Agarthi and Shamballists could completely undermine it and use it as a technique to not only help undermine Christianity. Instead of leading people from some other mythologies which were rather ridiculous in Christianity to perhaps Truths, which the Brahmic Brotherhood could brought to light and help balance some the weird aspects of Christianity. That was the hope that was really there by these negative persons in Tibet who controlled her; by her gaining a hold of that [Brahmic] movement, to completely undermine that one too. So eventually, some people ended up transferring from the mythologies of Christianity to the mythologies of Theosophy.


Now the devilish thing about this is that Theosophy contains many truths, but the majority of it is not true. Eventually the people who have followed in the Theosophical movement have brought in more and more information from India, which was essentially Hinduistic, until finally you have a grand conglomeration of all kinds of ???; out and out sanity with that which is also the Truth. Who has the discrimination to separate the two now that they are mixed together?



Is Theosophy Associated with Stelle?


Q:      In terms of the things that you are trying to teach and develop here, where do the movements like the Theosophical movements and people like Alice Bailey all fit in or do they?


RK:    They don’t fit in to what we are trying to do. Actually, Mme. Blavatsky learned most of the things she knew from two Tibetan teachers. They actually invited her to Tibet to learn the things that they had to teach her, and from that point on they essentially functioned through her. They wrote a lot of books through her. She would go into meditative trances and come up with whole new things to write or new things through automatic writing. She essentially belonged to them and they functioned through her. Those two, who had been alive but still keep functioning now that are now discarnate were Morya and Kootumi. Their main object, of course, was to undermine both the Christian movement and the Brotherhoods movement in one “fell swoop,” as it were. Bailey seems primarily to be dealing with another one who belonged to the other two, a Dwal Khul. She received her information psychically through him. Now, there are all kinds of psychics all over the world who receive information from spirits who use those names because they have been given some credence. And so it goes. (02-1983)