What Is a Tachyon?


Q:      Why is the word tachyon used? I am curious.


RK:    Well, that is a term that refers to a particle, which is part of the Etheric Plane, which tacks. It seems to spin in a way which is not a continuous spin, but ratchets. It goes first in one direction and comes back half way then goes again a full swing then back halfway and it does that continuously. It was given the name tachyon because it is like a boat; it seems to tack its way through the—


Q:      The root is from the word “tacking?”


RK:    No. It is not. We misspelled it in the [Stelle letter] article because that was the only thing that was in the dictionary. We thought perhaps that “t a c h i o n” was the German spelling of “t a c h y o n.” As we got into deeper; into more of the history of it, we recognized that we had chosen the wrong spelling.


Q:      I was just wondering what the—


RK:    There is a tachyon, with a “y” as well as a tychion with an “i”. There are two particles which are recognized. Ken Killecht, a scientist of Canada, is the scientist who published the information on the “t a c h y o n” in Scientific American and that is the energy we are dealing with. It has to do with the gravity-time continuum. That is pretty hairy. Most people have a hard time penetrating that.


Q:      In relation to the theory of wrapping time or is this something else?


RK:    I guess what you are saying would be correct. It seems to be able to split off one aspect of that and get the other, which through a machine ends up getting rotary power which can then be converted to electrical phenomenon if you make them into motors or dynamos. (05-1981)