Time Exists Only on Physical Plane


†††† Another question was whether time is the same on all planes of existence. Richard noted that time perception is psychological and subjective so that each person senses time differently depending on his emotions and age. He said that chronological time is a function of only the physical plane where it is necessary for the rigid sequencing of physical reactions.

†††† On other planes, there is a natural flow of events wherein a person progresses from situation to situation, but the periods between situations can be contracted or protracted mentally. For instance, when a person goes through transition and resides on the astral plane, it may seem to him that he is reincarnating quite soon again even though 5,000 years may have passed on the physical plane. Egos gravitate toward the right situation to next incarnate into, and the slot in time when it occurs is only incidental, be it 50 or 15,000 years later. (09-1969)



Q:††††† Is the physical plane is the only plane that is subject to time?


RK:††† The second plane of existence is also influenced by time to a certain extent because it has patterns connected with the physical plane.


Q:††††† If youíre on the Astral Plane, you can move from the beginning of time to the end, back and forth, as much as you want; is that true? Or are you just changing your point of view?


RK:††† The best I understand it is you canít go beyond your own lifewave. The lifewaves progress every few billion years. You canít view the previous one and you canít go into the following one. (11-1997)