Who Is T. Lopsang Rampa?


I don’t know if you know who Christopher Hill is. Did you ever hear of him? He has a group that makes and refines and sells Spirolina. He makes about three-million dollars a year on the sale of Spirolina. Anyway, he was an Englishman who was in the spice trade with a partner, for a long time, who happened to be the guy who wrote by the name of T. Lopsang Rampa. They were going to start a school together. Hill wrote a book expounding their philosophy before they actually started the school together, so Rampa said, “Well, hell, if that is what you want to do, I will write a whole bunch of books, too since we, obviously, are not going to be able to start a school together now.”


T. Lopsang  Rampa was a really feisty Irishman, who lives in Puerto Rico now, I believe. He used to live in Canada for a while. Also, his cat wrote a book. I don’t know if you have ever read that one. I am not kidding. That is what he said.


At any rate, there are a lot of things which are very popular which are supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, but  Americans will fall for the funniest things. He wrote some things about the “Cave of the Ancients.” I don’t know if you have ever heard of that book. The true parts of it have to do with the powers the Tibetan Masters have—people on the right side. Those things are so “far out” that Americans just could not buy it at all. And those were the true parts. The other parts were about a cave that had all the different inventions—all the wisdom of the ages from past civilizations gathered into it—and that was based on a gathering of information by the Brotherhoods. But there is no such cave and no such collection of things in the way that he speaks of; not on the physical plane. And, that part Americans bought without any difficulty.


One of the problems with metaphysical writings has to do with just a lot of mythology, some of which might have some basis in Truth and a great deal of which is just plain garbage. To discern what is right and what is wrong takes a lifetime of studying and trying to get to the root of all these things. Meanwhile, his publishers really are happy with the appeal that his works have with the people and so they enjoy wide circulation. (03-1982)



T. Lopsang Rampa


RK:    Which book did you read of Rampa’s?


Q:      The one that was authored by him.


RK:    Well, he has about eight or nine of them out.


Q:      I am not aware of that, then.


RK:    He has written about seven of them and his cat has one, at least, that his cat wrote. I really do not know what to answer you. I mean, he writes very popularly in a form which people find very interesting to deal with, and he talks about a lot of metaphysical information which can be verified in many different areas; those things are real. There are a lot of things which he deals with which are myths that have been handed down for a long time in our traditions which were, not necessarily, anything to do with actual fact. But, you can verify the myths, too, because they have been around for a couple of thousand years, particularly the Hinduistic concepts. (09-1982)