Are There Ways to Release Fixations?


Q:      I remember reading in The Ultimate Frontier that it said the majority of adults in our culture have less happiness than they could have due to a lack of stimulation at the proper time particularly the first few years. My question is, how does one overcome negative conditioning or lack of conditioning in the important years? Particularly for me, emotional fixations or whatever that occur at that point? I am trying to get through that stuff, but I cannot even remember that far back to penetrate that.


RK:    Unfortunately, it is difficult to increase your intelligence after you are an adult. It is difficult, too, to get rid of the emotional hang-ups or fixations that most all of us have had imposed upon us by one means or another. Sometime it is a “clique determination” by the society and sometimes just nobody thought about it at all and you just got it. The latter situation is easier to change, though, than increasing your intelligence. Although, there are people who have felt that people can increase their intelligence as much as ten points of IQ through certain types of exercises over a period of a year. It almost does not seem like it is worthwhile knocking yourself out to get just ten points of intelligence, but it is fairly significant.


The other systems of getting into a more even balance as far as emotions are concerned—which tend to make us neurotic or even can lead to behavior which is not constructive towards whatever it is that we want to have for ourselves—is through conventional psychoanalysis or some of the Reichian type of techniques like Primal Scream therapy. All of these are designed to get you to release emotional blockages by actually reliving the situations that caused them and discharging the emotions surrounding them. In any event, it always involves some things which sound kind of bizarre like people crying or screaming or what have you—about things which happened when they were six years old. They are all locked up in us, not only mentally but also muscularly. When those things are released, they are gone and done with.


We will walk around with them fifty or sixty years not knowing what it is that is inhibiting our growth and our level of freedom or sense of confidence or feelings of self-esteem or self-worthiness. So, it is very worthwhile to get rid of those. The things that you learned, as a result of negative emotional situations, tend to be frozen at the level you were at the time that the emotional charge or blockage arose. You cannot move on very well beyond that point. It makes learning very difficult. That is why psychoanalysts call them fixations. They are fixed at a certain point of development. That is why most people find it worthwhile to get rid of those things so they can move on.


There are therapies which are available. There is one here which many of the people are involved in called Radix. You do not have to go through hours and hours of laying on the couch explaining various connections between your feelings and things that your parents said in hopes that you are going to get to the key that will release whatever your problem is. Though, when the key is found, the cure is absolutely miraculous. But, just in that the one area that you have now uncovered. There are quicker ways without having to go through all that: releases of muscular armorings as well as mental fixations. They work simultaneously. It is the cheapest and easiest and fastest system we have found so far. (02-1983)