Comments on Racial Differences


RK:    The Brotherhoods completely discount those ideas. We are all of one species; we all are of the same original stock, as it were. Through different climatic conditions, that people were in on the parts of the planet they were in, we evolved into the different specialties, particularly skin color wise. Those who lived in the equatorial zones needed ways to defend themselves against the intense sun so they developed more pigment in their skin. But, the fact is that wherever you find human beings—wherever—if they evolved into a shorter race or a taller race or a blonder one or a black one, all of them can breed between one another. They are all of one species, just as different kinds of dogs are different races of one species. All dogs are able to breed with one another. All human beings are able to breed with one another. We are all one. The idea that by having a certain blood line in your genetic strain, from your parents, is suddenly going to project you into being a superman just does not go with the Brotherhoods’ teachings.