Public Meeting


Stelle, Illinois


August 1984



What Is the Information Window?


QUESTION:      I read in one of your newsletters that, as the century comes to an end, the information window will be closed. Could you be more specific about that?


RICHARD KIENINGER:      Around 1986 the ability to get out information with the kind of freedom that we have today will come to an end as government censorship comes more and more under the domination of fundamentalist preachers and other reactionary groups seeking to impose their own propaganda on the populace. The prophet, Nostradamus, foresaw an ecumenical union to develop between some strong churches that will gain political power in the United States and Europe and become an economic power. We will experience an engineered collapse of the banking system and shortage of credit by which the super-rich will eventually get richer. This will result in great social unrest because of the economic turmoil inevitably wrought by wide-spread unemployment and hunger. Because the churches will then be the strongest and richest social institutions to which the people can turn, those most politically active will move to become the governing force in the nation. There is currently a world-wide anxiety over the rapid-paced cultural changes taking place as well as political and economic dislocations. The psychological need to re-establish secure feelings is leading to a desire to return to the “good-old days” and to a philosophy which is the hallmark of the evangelistic movement—airtight answers to all personal, moral and social questions. This hunger to find an emotional respite in which there is no risk or change or uncertainties in the face of external chaos is the prerequisite to fascism. The attitude is already wide-spread. Economic distresses will plunge the nation into the pit of reactionary violence against anything which is not traditional or is threatening (as defined by religious demagogues). Demagogues develop their power by creating fear in people via pointing to the different ideas of other groups as ungodly. Thus conservative religious fanatics become convinced they must defend themselves from the ever-threatening iniquity of unbelievers. This naturally leads to a recurrent theme in Christian history— the true believer must kill infidels for Christ. Nostradamus predicts bloody religious oppression for the near future of Europe and America which will result in much the same kind of suppression that the Germans felt under the Nazi Regime. This ecumenical movement will use the same kinds of techniques the Nazis used and play on the same human fears and needs: “If you join us, you get extra ration coupons. If you don’t join us, you’ll forfeit your job.” Those are powerful incentives to conform and to follow orders to kill or jail those who are named as enemies of the leaders who come to power. Why will all this be allowed to happen in America? There is a long-standing plan by international bankers to create so much chaos and unrest in the world that every one will eventually clamor for a powerful one-world government to establish security for all even though it means the end of personal rights or freedom of choice. If that’s allowed to happen, we will all be reduced to being like so many ants. Any hope for self-responsibility and spiritual growth would then come to an end. Yet there are ambitious men in the evangelistic and charismatic television churches who are being funded by the foreign bankers who seek to undermine democracy via the agency of these demagogues and the coming depression.


How Can One Join Stelle As the Century Comes to a Close?

Q:      What kinds of avenues will be available for people to gain membership in The Stelle Group as the century comes to a close?


RK:      Under the foregoing circumstances, people coming to The Stelle Group will still do the same kind of things they do today. I don’t think we’ll publicly preach against the new powers that will sway the government. Many Americans will argue that it would take decades or a generation for such a drastic change to occur in our government. The German people were surprised to see Hitler do it in less than six months to their country. It changed from one attitude to an entirely different one so rapidly that people didn’t have a chance to protect themselves or escape. It is difficult to predict exactly how Stelle will continue its work for the Brotherhoods, considering the coincident political dislocations, turmoil of war, and collapsing economy. The coming economic difficulties will help prepare for an excuse to abandon the Constitution of the United States. Then the U.S. will no longer exist as we know it today. The land and people won’t disappear, but the laws and attitude of the rulers will be suppressive. It will be a matter of walking a very narrow tight-rope for The Stelle Group. Since we are believers in Christ and God, Stelle obviously is not ungodly, but any philosophy or theology that does not adhere closely to the fundamentalist doctrine will be judged unacceptable in the nation. If Stelle keeps from making waves and does not preach that the people in power are wrong, we will probably be allowed to continue as a quiet minority.


How Can People Know About Stelle If the Information Window Closes?


Q:      So, people who wish to become members in The Stelle Group after 1986 would still be able to do so, but the information that would lead a new person to that won’t be readily available?


RK:      Right. Those who don’t remember The Ultimate Frontier or have an old copy are not likely to be able to buy a new one. Because of this situation, The Stelle Group is now placing classified ads for The Ultimate Frontier and the community of Stelle in magazines. Many of those magazines may still be around for people to find during the next decade. Those who write us directly might be able to receive our materials through the mail unless there is censorship. Otherwise, The Stelle Group won’t be able to broadcast radio programs or advertise without persecution.