Public Meeting


July 1981


What Is the Relationship Between Stelle and the Lemurian Fellowship?


QUESTION:  Can you comment on the historical relationship of Stelle with the Lemurian Fellowship in California? And what, if any, is the current relationship with that group?


RICHARD KIENINGER:   No. Other than buying some publications from them that is about the only connection we have.


The persons I knew when I was a student there one time, in the middle fifties, are now retired and not directly involved in the running of the organization. That was a long time ago, almost 30 years and many of the people at that time were in their fifties and sixties. So when you add thirty years to that you’re not dealing with the same people any longer.


When we first started out with The Stelle Group we asked that members of Stelle take a course that was offered by that group. They asked us not to do so after a while primarily because that they were overstrained already. They only had about three teachers who did all their correspondence. They noted that part of their program was that you would give love offerings and free gifts to the Lemurian Fellowship in return for the work they did for you as a student. The Stelle instead were putting money into their own community that they were planning to build and they said that they couldn’t afford that. I spoke with the president and he said “What was happening was that we’re doing all the work teaching your people but you’re getting all of the benefits at Stelle. We just can’t afford that.” Then they asked people, from that point on, to make a decision as to whether they wished to continue with the Stelle program or the Fellowship’s program. They had to make a decision or else they wouldn’t give them any more information.


I do not remember exactly when that was. Must have been back about ’67 - ’68. So, we traveled our separate paths. I guess they do not feel as proprietary about some of the information as they had. The principle differences as to what they offered about the Lemurian Philosophy and stuff. Did you have a specific question on that?


Was There A Dr. Stelle?


Q:                  Was there a Dr. Stelle?


RK:         Yes. He died in ’52; the same year that I became a student there. I guess I was associated with them until about 1960 or so. ???. I used to go there personally because I lived in San Diego country. They are located in the central portion of the country. I also have the distinction of being the person who they decided not to have visitors come there any longer. I was one of the few who ever did and they thought it was kind of a strange. I would always ask questions that they did not have answers for. The problem was that I already had the answer and I wanted to see what they knew.


Is the Lemurian Fellowship Still in Business?


Q:                  Their organization there does it still function?


RK:         It does not seem like they have grown much in the past twenty-five years. It has really become kind of a private club. My understanding is that there are only seven members of that organization plus there are many students. The only persons who had any vote on anything relating to the organization’s teachings are the board of directors. We work on entirely the opposite situation here. All the responsibility for what happens in the community and instruction falls back on to the participants rather than on some hierarchy. I really do not know how many members there are now. Probably less than seven though I’m not absolutely certain.


Does the Lemurian Fellowship Sell Any Spooky Publications?


Q:                  Do they have any publications that they make available or is that kind of spooky(?)?


RK:         I have to admit that I really do not know. I really have not checked them out lately, what it is they are doing. They did get into publishing some things [channeled] that they had the publication rights to. But which we had a great deal of objection to. But I don’t want to get into that. I think that after awhile there was so many objections that came from many of their students and associates that they stopped publishing those books? If you write to them and say that your with The Stelle Group however, they will ask you to make a decision as to whether you want to go with the Stelle program or their program.