Public Meeting


Stelle, Illinois


June 1972



Will Stelle Offer Correspondence Lessons?


Question:    Will you soon have a series of corre­spondence lessons available?


Answer:      At this time other projects have a higher priority and we are not pressing to provide correspondence lessons because we have discovered a better way to help people learn and practice the philosophy of the Brotherhoods. To merely enlarge upon or reorganize the information which is in The Ultimate Frontier does not cause people to grow Egoically. Our experience has shown that growing is accelerated when persons come to work with The Stelle Group and slug it out with themselves on a daily basis, It is in the experiencing and putting into practice the princi­ples we have talked about in The Stelle Group which accelerates Egoic development. Over and over people have stressed to me that the personal growth they have experienced while taking part in the work of The Stelle Group is phenomenal, and they had not expected to do so well on the basis of their past experience. For this reason we are concentrating more on having peo­ple come and work with us, and we provide orientation classes after they arrive here.


Why Do Stelle Men All Have Short Hair?


Question:    I notice that the men in Stelle all have short hair styles. Does this have to do with what is considered education of sex roles and masculinity?


Answer:      Only as it has a symbolic meaning in the minds of those who wear it and those who see it, does hair or dress have a meaning. It is a means by which a person makes a certain kind of statement of what he is and what he is doing. Everybody in the society seems to understand what the symbology is at a given time and in a given place. The symbology can be quite different in a place depending upon the times. At about the turn of the century in Russia, the Anarchists started wearing their hair long and wild, had ragged beards, and wore generally sloppy clothes as their badge of opposition to the well-groomed Bourgeoisie. That established unkempt, long hair as being the mark of the revolutionary, and the symbology still affects us today even implying the carrying of concealed bombs and guns. The Russian Anarchists with their reputation of anti-civilization and brainless killings represent those who want to change things radically, now, today.


Persons with short hair are also making a statement. One wears his statement. Therefore, we say in Stelle that the “revolutionary” thing is not our way. We are not trying to destroy the world or overturn it. We are trying to reestablish civilization according to the best methods as told to us by the Brotherhoods. A person who comes into The Stelle Group who has worn his hair long no longer feels the need to do this. He comes to make a different kind of a statement. We want Stelle people to feel like they are part of that element of society which has been the rock and the stability of the culture throughout history—the upper middle class. The upper class, with all its money and leisure is often led to debauchery, whereas the lower class is usually too depraved and too brutalized to do much more than struggle for food and shelter. The lower middle class tends to he preoccupied with striving for more money which they feel will bring them more security.


Whatever seems to be right and proper to that stable portion of the upper middle class and whatever it takes in dress and manner to be identified with that core of stability, that is what we want to emulate in The Stelle Group, As their styles change, Stelle will move in the same direction. The upper middle class is where the strength is, The people who have been the greatest force for good and who have held this whole world together are our best allies. Somehow, the better people work their way to the upper middle class. They rarely care to get into the higher echelons of great wealth or power because that is often as degrading as being on the bottom, The Stelle Group will be associated with that true power which holds our world together.


Is a Person Totally Responsible for Their Future?


Question:    It seems that you incorporate in The Ultimate Frontier the philosophy that man is totally responsible for his future?


Answer:      Yes. After having been created and given certain tools, man is set on a road to a desired goal. But one of his first jobs is to discover what this pre-established goal is. Everything in his nature is so geared as to move him the right way; He cannot find this written anywhere. He must perceive the path by experience and observation of how God’s Laws work. Obviously, God’s Laws are God’s Will; He would not will anything into existence that He does not want. Every time man discerns a Natural Law (which by definition always works out), that, ipso facto, is part of God’s Will. It takes a long time by our scientific meth­ods to perceive these laws, And laws which do not come under the realms of physical science, we can learn by studying philosophy. For instance, something like karma takes a long time to perceive. An Ego without this knowledge may feel that he can do anything he wants to another person if he is strong enough to impose it. Yet, once he understands the Laws of Karma, he is very careful in his every action.


Where Are the Different Planes Of Existence Located?o


Question:    Where are the different planes of Existence located?


Answer:      All of the seven planes of existence are interpenetrating; they all exist simultaneously in the same place. Imagine putting together seven different liquids that are all mutually soluble in each other. You still have seven different kinds of molecules in close conjunction with each other, yet each is quite different and distinct while together in the same place at the same time as close together as possible. When you say a person is on the astral plane, he is still right here.


What Proportion of Egos Advance to Mastership in a Lifewave?


Question:    What proportion of Egos advance in any one lifewave and is there a set proportion that can advance?


Answer:      There are some planets now in existence where every Ego has become a Master; in fact, there are whole solar systems where each Ego on every planet within it has achieved Mastership. When those situations occur, the whole solar system can be dissolved. We call this occasion a Nova, All the Masters from all the planets of that star then are considered Thirteenth Degree. They still have not advanced to the Angelic Plane, but are in a special situation where they are learning from their Angelic Host while await­ing the Progression of the Lifewave.


We have about thirteen-billion Egos associated with this planet but only a little over 100 million have made it to Mastership. More than one billion have earned First Degree or higher, and those billion are very eager to incarnate again. They will flood into the Nation of God as soon as it gets under way, Those one billion Egos in the Brotherhoods presently gives us a ratio of 1 in every 13 Egos on our planet. Every Ego could make it to Mastership and it is definitely desired that all of us achieve it, There are no predeterminations that one Ego will make it and another will not.


What Are Some of the Problems in the Formation of Stelle?


Question:     What kinds of problems are you en­countering in the formation of Stelle?


Answer:     Two principal ones, The first is acqui­sition of sufficient capital to move us as fast as we want to go. The next, and probably most important, is training people to accommodate their lives to the philosophy of the Brotherhoods, The first problem is fairly easy to solve. The second takes quite a bit longer, Most people come and gather in Stelle because they want to change Egoically, and they usually man­age to do so quite well. Yet, others find they really don’t want to change or else it demands too much stam­ina on their part, so they decide to quit.