Public Meeting


May 1983


What Will Happen When the Information Window Closes?


QUESTION:     I read in the recent newsletter that, as the century comes to a close, the window of information will be closed. I wonder if you could be more specific in describing what you mean by that and what avenues will be available into The Stelle Group and The Stelle Group membership as the century comes to a close?


RICHARD:      We feel that around 1986, the ability to get out any kind of information with the kind of freedom that we have today, to get published what we want will come to an end due to kind of a religious government suppression of things which are not to the liking of the government. That government will essentially come more and more under the dominion of, what we might say, fundamentalist teachings and preachers and indeed the churches will be more the governing agent in this country than anything else, which, of course, will ultimately lead to religious depression of a very bloody kind and will result in much the same kind of oppression as the German people felt under the Nazi regime. Under those circumstances people coming into The Stelle Group will still have to do the same kind of things that they do today. I donít know that we will necessarily be preaching that we are against the government or anything like that. Iím not against the present government and I donít think it would be wise to preach against the subsequent government if it changes radically. Most people who are Americans would say well for that kind of drastic change to occur in the government to occur would take decades or a generation. The German people were surprised to see it happen in less than six months in their countryóto change from one attitude to an entirely different one so rapidly that a lot of people didnít have a chance to protect themselves or escape. How, exactly we will be able to continue our work considering the kind of governmental suppression and economic difficulties which kind of combine at the same time. As a matter of fact the economic difficulties will help speed the way to a change-over in government, which we feel would very shortly lead to an abandonment of the Constitution of the United States and therefore no longer really be the United States any longer. At least not as we know it. The land and the people wonít disappearóthe United will not be the United States any more. It would be a matter of walking a very high and narrow tight-rope for The Stelle Group and as much as we are believers in Christ and in God, we obviously are not ungodly, I think that if we do not make to many noises saying other people who are intolerant are wrong then we will be allowed, as a minority, to kind of continue our thing here.


How Will People Know About Stelle If the Information Is Not Available?


QUESTION:     So people who wish to prove (?) membership to the Stelle Group after 1986 would be able to do so but the information that will lead a person to that wonít be available.


RICHARD:      Right. Those who donít remember The Ultimate Frontier, or happen to have an old copy, not likely to buy a brand new one some place.