Public Meeting

Dallas, Texas

Third Quarter 1984



Should We Pray to a Specific Being?


Q:   In prayer, are you communicating with a specific person?


A:   Probably not. Most people ask for guidance by putting the request in the name of Christ. This affords extra protection to the person making the request by not leaving communication open to an unknown negative entity.


Do We Have a Guardian Angel?


Q:   Does each individual who is incarnate have a “guardian angel” assigned to them?


A:   There is no definite one-to-one assignment. Generally speaking, there are certain problems you are trying to solve, and there will be individuals on the other side to help you. These individuals do not directly control you, but rather, they put opportunities alongside your path that will help you to grow. You must decide when you are ready to take advantage of them.


Can an Individual Protect Themselves Against Negaitive Entities?


Q:   Can an individual incarnate on the physical plane protect himself against lower entities without the assistance of Higher Beings?


A:   Until one has reached several degrees of Brotherhood, he will not have the mental abilities to protect himself, alone, against lower entities. Until then, Christ is a very important factor in our protection. You have a natural protection for yourself by the kinds of things that you attune yourself to. If you are a fearful or hateful person, then you will be thinking along the same wavelengths of lower beings. Thinking along positive and happy lines, minimizes direct interference by lower entities.


Can You Pray for Other Individuals?


Q:   Can you pray to Christ to protect other individuals?


A:   This is difficult because you must first have the other person’s approval. In praying for someone else you run the risk of interfering with some specific goal or lesson that the person has chosen to accomplish, such as through an illness or a handicap. It is karmically negative for you to interfere with another person’s life in this way. When a loved one is ill, of course you will want to direct as much positive energy towards him as possible. Any prayer should contain the stated proviso, “if it be for the good of all concerned.”