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Questions and Answers from the Dallas Public Meeting



Why Does It Take So Long to Achieve Clairvoyance?


Q.†† Could you explain what it is in this culture that results in so few people achieving clairvoyance, or at least not until much later in life?


A. † I guess it comes down to neurosis. Thatís the quickest explanation of that problem. Neurosis usually is an inappropriate way of responding to things which are going on in your environment, either directly through people or neutral circumstances impinging on your life. When you are truly in control of what goes on in your environment, life is incredibly simple. That doesnít mean that people arenít testing you with different things all the time, but rather that you have the answers. Itís when we donít have the answers that we get upsetówe retreat, we become afraid. When we are afraid of a situation we canít control, then we become angry at it too. Anger is not very productive towards anything useful, but it is a natural response to frustration or not being able to control whatís going on. I donít mean to imply that youíre lording it over people when I say that youíre in control. I mean that whatever is thrown at you, you are able to cope with. You have learned how to deal with it; so you deal with it effectively. Most young people, of course, donít as yet have the skills of living in order to know how to handle all those challenges.


One of the techniques of developing clairvoyance is shutting down that internal dialogue or brain chatter that goes on all the time. People who are pressed by external circumstances donít seem to be able to turn off that internal chatter. Theyíre always responding to things which are happening to them rather than being at peace, being quiet, in control, and able to just be. And clairvoyance very much requires being able to still all that brain activity that is going on, which usually is very unproductive anyway. Neurotic thinking tends to be repetitive, constantly, of the same lack of solutions, and it becomes circular thinkingóa continuous loop, repeating over and over again unless we are able to solve that problem and break out and think straight. Repetitious thinking is not productive and it continues because it hasnít answered the question. Once you answer the question, you donít have to think about it any longer. Young people find scores and scores of areas of their life where they havenít arrived at the answers, so the circular thinking is predominant and goes on continually.


Q.†† So if they solve enough problems, there isnít so much chatter going on in their head?


A.†† Literally! If youíre going to have peace, youíve got to have some kind of serenity thatís based on your life going the way you want it to go. That doesnít mean there arenít challenges. Challenges are things to be met. But the challenges can be met with effective and appropriate responses.


Q.†† So doesnít that require some kind of internal dialogue to work through those challenges?


A.†† Yes, it does.† And once youíve made the breakthrough, you are free from having to think about it any longer. The best way, always, to avoid neurosis is to be trained from infancy how to deal effectively with life; how to recognize situations and then respond appropriately to them. Most of us have not had the luxury of having been reared in such a way. We were kind of thrown off the edge of the pier to either sink or swim, and we do a lot of flailing about in the process of keeping from sinking. That seems to be what life is like for a lot of people ójust flailing around.


Q.†† So youíre playing catch-up all your life and never get there until about 50 or 60?


A.†† Finally, at about 45 or 50 years old, you can maybe say, ďNow I know whatís going on.Ē And a lot of the things you worried about in your teens, twenties, and thirties were never things that you had to worry about in the first place. You didnít know that, and probably other people said you should worry about certain things, but you finally perceive that was just a myth. Religion, for instance, puts all kinds of limitations on you for reasons which simply are not valid. There are many things which are very valid in religion, but most of the things that goof up your life are the parts which are not valid; and you have to figure Out which is real and which is not in religious philosophies, and thatís a task for a lifetime.


So when a person is able to blank his mind for a while, like in using the Violet Screen, which you know about as a meditation device, thatís a device which allows you to hear your Ego. Your Ego is functioning all the time on the Fourth Plane of Existence. Thatís its natural place to he, and your Ego is making your body do the things that you want it to do so that you can accomplish your desires on the Physical Plane. Many teachers have said that this Physical Plane is just an illusion since thatís not where things are really happening. The important things that are happening concern human motivation and response on the Egoic level on the Fourth Plane of Existence. But you first have to learn how to control this Plane of Existence before you can move out of this kindergarten up to the next grade, which may be real or may not be according to your philosophy at the moment. But thatís what the great mystics of the world over the past several millennia have pointed Out to us. A lot of people say, ďWell, if this is all an illusion, why bother with it at all? Iíll just kill myself and save a lot of time.Ē But that doesnít get you graduated from kindergarten on this Physical Plane. Weíre all forced into having to solve the same kinds of problems, and there are great rewards in having accomplished this, but most of us are pretty confused in the process of getting there.


What Is Ego-Brain Communication?


Q.†† When you refer to being able to hear your own Ego, the word ďhearĒ is kind of misleading. Iím assuming thatís not in the terms of hearing language communication.


A.†† No, it has nothing to do with your ears.


Q.†† Is that like just ideas and thoughts occurring to you, or how does that work?


A.†† Let me get back to clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see the energies around another individual. ďClear seeingĒ is what clairvoyance means, and clear seeing means you ďseeĒ the essential person and how theyíre thinking. You canít tell through clairvoyance what theyíre thinking, but you can perceive their mode of thinking and their emotions. Thatís a Mind-to-Mind kind of perception and not a brain-to-brain perception, because the person you are observing may be a spirit. In your trying to penetrate what a spiritís motives are or what his thinking is like, you must deal with his mind because he doesnít have a brain. Mind belongs to the Ego. Okay, letís say, right now thereís a spirit in this room. Your Ego is presently aware of its presence, and your Ego is able to perceive what that spirit is like, but that information isnít getting to your brain so that you could have an awake consciousness of that spirit. Youíre looking at me right now physically and Iím here as a body with a brain, but Iím also here as a spirit, or Egoóthat part of me which goes on forever. Youíre seeing me physically, but at some subconscious level you should be able, with your Mind, to perceive who I am in an ultimate sense as an Ego. There are people in the world who are able to do that; and we call them clairvoyants. Every society has them. They all agree on what they see. Now, since your Ego is really able to perceive my mental processes directly, what do you think it would require in order for you to get that information to your physical brain inasmuch as your Mind and brain work closely together all the time? What would it take in order to do that? What do you have to get out of the way in order to do that?


What Is Meditation?


Q.†† Be quiet and pay attention?


A.†† Right, and thatís what people call meditation. Now, if a person who is clairvoyant is able to do that sort of thing while his physical brain is awake and is able to transfer that information from his Ego to his brain directly, thatís what clairvoyance is. But youíve got to quiet that persistent brain chatter so that you can be aware of your real self.† I have to admit that a lot of people who become clairvoyant donít much care for the things they see; so you have to be prepared for kind of a shock when you find out what some people are really like. In some ways itís a lot easier to be ignorant of this. But clairvoyance is a valuable tool. Clairvoyants are glad that clairvoyance is a thing which can be controlled. They can shut it off anytime they want to. If there are certain things you donít want to see because theyíre distressing you, you can just ignore them that way. If youíre dealing with people who are in a position to have power over you, itís nice to perceive if they are benign or if these people donít have your best interests at heart.