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What Is the Difference Between an Astral Body and an Astral Shell?


Q:   What is the difference between an astral shell and an Astral Body?


A:   When an animal dies, it takes about three days for its astral energies to be depleted individually from each of the cells. At that point, the Astral Body has dissolved and the energies have returned to the pool of Animal Life Essence. The dissolving Astral Body of an animal stays with the animal’s physical body after death and does not travel a-round on the Astral Plane.


Human beings have an Astral Body that stays with their physical body all the time and it can be “seen” by a clairvoyant as a narrow band of light around the physical body. When the human physical body dies, the Astral Body disappears as the Animal Life Essence departs.


An astral shell can be formed at will almost instantly while a human being is functioning out of body or while between incarnations on the Astral Plane. This shell is used for identification purposes. When one’s Ego is away from the physical body to allow it to sleep, he can Egoic-ally travel. Your Ego is either mentally associated with your body in awake consciousness or else away from the body during sleep. The person who has learned to mentally project his experiences during Egoic traveling upon his sleeping body’s brain, whereby it can be recalled upon awakening, is said to be an astral traveler.


Masters residing on the Mental Plane of existence use a Mental Body. One fully develops his Mental Body somewhere around the eleventh degree of Brotherhood. Masters prefer to mentally induce an image of how They want to be seen. They prefer not to create an astral shell since it takes about three days for the shell to dissolve. During that time, lower entities might inhabit the shell in order to impersonate Higher Beings.


What Is Clairvoyance?


Q:   What is clairvoyance?


A:   Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive the two planes of existence that have the next higher nutational rates of vibration above the physical plane: the Astral and Etheric Planes. This ability has nothing to do with actual physical sight; it is essentially the mental perception of another human being’s mental activities and/or physical state. The mind energy of another Ego is perceived by clairvoyants as a large, colorful, ever-changing emanation known as the aura. If the Ego being viewed is incarnate he also has an Astral Body made up of atoms of the third nutational rate and an astral radiation which is due to the Animal Life Essence animating his body’s cells. These appear as a narrow band of light slightly larger than the physical body. The aura associated with a person’s Egoic mind can be “seen” whether that person is disembodied or in his physical vehicle, and the aura fluctuates as a direct result of a person’s mind activity.


Clairvoyant abilities usually start with a person being able to see the Vital Body and related etheric energies of plants and animals. The Vital Body is seen as a narrow band of light around every living organism. The Vital Body of humans is also seen as a narrow band around the physical vehicle, which is strictly an animal organism. Being able to see the Vital Body enables persons of sufficient clairvoyant abilities to “read” the state of another person’s health or to see any etheric energy blockages that might exist. The auras of human beings reflect the mind energies of the person. Our inner makeup is on display wherever we are for those people who are able to perceive the etheric and astral auras.


Are the Brotherhoods Promoting All This Technology?


Q:   Do the Brotherhoods have anything to do with the extensive technological developments of this century?


A:   Only to the extent that they have encouraged persons who have that kind of technical background to incarnate at this particular time. The Brotherhoods have been concerned with the establishment of a small, tight-knit core of people who are going to found the Nation of God. That is what the city of Philadelphia specifically is about: getting together people having the tools, and knowing how to use technology in a way which enhances nature rather than being involved negatively in the machinations of the present technological society.