Public Meeting


Dallas, Texas


August 1985



Was the Kingdom of God Established in the US in 1936?


QUESTION:     In The Ultimate Frontier you mentioned that the Kingdom of God was established in the United States in 1936. Is that right?


RICHARD:      Not until October of 2001.


When Was the Lemurian Brotherhood Established?


Q:   What happened when the Lemurian Brotherhood was established? When would that have been?


R:   The Lemurian Brotherhood was established about 21,000 years ago and they opened up their first and only mundane school in 1936, in the United States. They never opened one—that was the first and only mundane school that they’ve opened up that you would be interested in. The other ones go back so much further that it doesn’t make any sense.


Who Founded the Lemurian Brotherhood’s Mundane School?


Q:   And who founded that school?


R:   The Lemurian Brotherhood was behind it and it was Robert D. Stelle and Howard John Zitco that were the two co-founders.


Q:   Are they still alive?


R:   Zitco is. Zitco, at the time, was like 21 or 22 years old and Stelle was about 52 or 53, at that time. Stelle has passed on.


Is the Lemurian Fellowship Still a Mundane School?


Q:   Is that school still worked by—


R:   No. It is not. But they shouldn’t feel bad. There isn’t a single mundane school in the United States which is backed by the Brotherhoods that originally had one of Their members found it.


Q:   Any other Brotherhoods?


R:   There’s new ones being formed all the time. But until such time as they really get well-established and well-known and prove themselves you probably won’t hear about them. There are hundreds, in the United States alone, of different kinds of schools which move people from wherever they are to the next step up ??? that they can be moved from. From that next step to a step higher by yet another organization. That’s just the progression. There’s something for everybody wherever they happen to be in life.


Q:   When did the Brothers drop Their support of that school that they established in 1936?


R:   Probably around 1960-62. Somewhere in that range.


Q:   Do you know why?


R:   Yes. It was about in 1948 that Zitco quit the mundane school and started his own outfit. And the reason he quit was because he was essentially forced out. Dr. Stelle dies in 1952 and a whole new regime took over after Stelle died. It’s real easy for this thing to happen because there were only seven members of the mundane school, with many, many students. Only seven members. And all seven members are on the board of governors. And when one board of governor leaves then they elect another person to become a member and also on their board of governors—the term that they use, board of governors. After Dr. Stelle died, there was kind of a general shakeup in the organization. Mrs. Stelle—Dr. Stelle’s wife—was expelled and several other people who had been on the board were so upset with some of the things that were being done they quit. The whole ??? essentially was ??? and they reverted to some pretty strange kinds of beliefs and what have you. They decided that they were going to publish a couple of books that were dictated in the form of automatic writing by some very negative Tibetan mentalists.  They published those books. From that point on everything just kind of went from bad to worse. The organization has not grown at all since that time. This is essentially a bunch of old cronies—


What Is the Location of the Lemurian Fellowship?


Q:   They have always been in California?


R:   No. It started out in Chicago. That’s where it was founded. The first real activities were conducted in Milwaukee and one branch split off and went to Chula Vista, California for awhile and the Milwaukee branch moved to Los Angeles and ?? in Ramona, California. Chula Vista office quit the Ramona office. The Los Angeles office converted to being a church. The church go involved in séances and practices which were against the whole policies of the Lemurian Fellowship and was then closed by Dr. Stelle, which precipitated Zitco leaving. So they went through all kinds of ups and downs.


Q:   Did you belong to that ???


R:   As I said there were only seven members. I was a student at one time. I, and my wife, had the distinction of being the only ones who went to the headquarters to study. Everybody else studied by correspondence course, strictly. I’ve never come to understood why—as a matter of fact—we met there about once a month totally unaware that we were the only ones that had been allowed to do that. I don’t know why to this day. It has never been explained to me. But at any rate, every month it was just one long argument every time I went up there. It was very interesting. Hey. How come you’ve only got half the information. Here’s the other half. And finally they said, “We understand that you think you have had Teachers in the past and so forth but you will now forget all about those things and this is what you’re going to study. I had difficulty doing that.