Public Meeting


Adelphi, Texas


February 2002




Richard:    An explanation for those of you who havenít been here before, this is strictly a question-and-answer session; I donít give a lecture. So the audience controls where things go. I wish I could control which way my tongue goes. I guess we can start, if anyone has a question, burning or otherwise. Otherwise, this is going to be one of the shortest meetings weíve had in a long time. Yes, sir.


Can We ďDo OverĒ an Incarnation?


Question:   Richard, I have a question regarding time and reincarnation. Since Angels know all that there is to know between the beginning and the end on the timeline, is it conceivable that we reincarnate always at a future date, or do we have the option of possibly going back to review things that we need to do to advance on the timeline?


Richard:    You mean to incarnate backwards? I just want to know what you mean.


Question:   For example, I look out at the life today, and I say to myself, ďWell, I have done all these things to the best of my ability, and yet there were so many more things and so many more options Iíd like to do.Ē Would I have the choice of possibly repeating that to add or subtract and do things to make it better, or do we always go forward?


Richard:    No, it has to go forward. But you can do all the reviewing you want up there with lots of help to understand. So itís not a closed book. You donít get a chance to wipe out an incarnation by substituting another one for it. So you make your corrections in the future. You have a lot more incarnations to go.


Without Technology and the Sciences, How Did Egos Advance to Mastership?


Question:   The reason why I asked that question was that it seems to me that in order to make Master, youíve got to know so much. How can a person who reached Mastership in the 16th Century be compared to someone reaching Mastership today? Wouldnít the Master be that much more advanced because of all of the knowledge, the background, all of the information we have available today?


Richard:    Youíre talking about the 16th Century?


Question:   Yes. Just as an example.


Richard:    By the time youíre an Adept, you pretty well understand the basic science of the Universe very well.


Question:   Even without having been exposed to that knowledge in that particular time period?


Richard:    Well, it wasnít available in the sciences, but was available in the awareness of many people who were already Adepts and Masters. So there is where your real Teachers are, once you get into the Adept stage. When the very, very first people started becoming Adepts, it didnít take too much longer after that that They were Masters. There was no science to secure information about how the Universe is put together at that time at all, but They knew it because They were able to penetrate. When They started out, They had Angels actually operating on the planet in the guise of human beings to pass along that information to those who were nearing the point of becoming Masters. So weíre supposed to be able to penetrate all of this stuff Erotically; as a matter of fact, itís a lot easier to penetrate it Erotically than it is mentally. Weíre just supposed to, by Nature, from knowing nothing to eventually making ____________ into clairvoyance and from that point being able to see whatís happening elsewhere than just on the physical plane. And thatís a great eye opener. Scary at first, Iím sure, but a great eye opener. So itís the sophistication today and the strong way in which people are imprinted from childhood as to what the Universe is supposed to be according to various and sundry authorities that makes it very difficult to see or to break through into things that seem to be counter to what youíve been taught all your life. At the beginning there was no such sophistication, no such authoritative rules; you believed what you saw, not what you thought you were supposed to see. So that made it a lot easier. The vast number of people who became Adepts and Masters during the Lemurian civilization is almost hard to believe, but everything was set up for it. From infancy, people were exposed to, and expected, to understand things that are closed to us today. But they were the things that moved you to high advancement. Iím not going to say that someone made it to Adeptship in two or three incarnations; thatís really not possible. But they already had half a million years of incarnating before the Lemurian civilization got started, so thereís a lot of things they knew already Erotically. Possibly youíre concerned about how much stuff youíre going to have to learn to become a Master. Youíre going to be surprised how much you know after you go through transition that the Ego has absorbed from literally thousands of other incarnations unless you know by having impressed on this brain that you have right now. There are plenty of people who donít know anything, and probably never will. For the next seven thousand years, they just havenít trained their brains or their Minds to absorb the things that they need to absorb. They manage to slough off everything and live off othersí preparations in the way of culture. But if you have the incentive and you want to be free of this cycle of rebirth over and over again, youíll make it pretty fast. You donít know how far along you are. All kids are pretty much the same. They all go through the same stages of goofiness and ultimately make it to adulthood. But, boy, thereís a lot of stuff that they know. And if they can bring it forward in this incarnation, theyíre going to be way ahead of the game so far as everybody else in the society-at-large is concerned. And some are just goofy. Yes, sir.


How Did People Advance Before the Brotherhoods Were Established?


Question:   It sounds like you were implying there that before the formation of the Brotherhoods there wasnít much organized effort on the part of the more advanced human beings to construct or help the ones of less advancement; is that true?


Richard:    Yes. It wasnít set up for it. After some Angelic imposition given to forming a civilization to carry on what people already knew in small pockets here and there, the dissemination of information, so it didnít die with each inventor. You know, somebody would invent something here and somebody would figure out something there. Maybe it got used by a family or a couple of people around them, then that was a hit. There once was a time when the Rhu Hut Plains were being set up when the first occupation of the Rhu Hut Plains occurred, there was a whole bunch of people incarnated near to one another who had, for lack of a better word, been inventors of one thing or another. And they brought all of those people together so they could share their ideas. And somebody came up with, ďHereís a need. How are we going to solve this problem? One of them had already solved it. It was that kind of demand which sparked an awareness of remembrance of what you had done in a prior incarnation. So in that generation, when they first moved onto the Rhu Hut Plains, there were hundreds of people who incarnated, each to bring their invention together at that particular time, and it worked. So there was a plan. Somebody figured out, ďHey, letís get these people together. We as Higher Beings canít do it for them.Ē But then things got set up. Within a thousand years, we were ready to have an Archangel run the new civilization, and things exploded so far as civilizing was concerned. But thatís what was needed, was some way to pass that information along. Language had been evolved to a certain point, although there was no written language for hundreds of years after the nation got started. Iím inclined to suspect that a written form was created by Melchizedek when He became emperor. Because that was about a thousands years before the first writing occurred. Everything was done by memory up to that point.


Question:   You say they incarnated to solve those problems, they were aware of this plan on the Astral Plane?


Richard:    Yes, right.


Question:   And then they specifically incarnated because they brought a particular skill or ability to that particular question or problem?


Richard:    Right. No guarantee it would come forth; but if youíre not there, itís not likely to happen.


Question:   So it sounds like there wasnít really a natural tendency for people to organize in a structure like a civilization; it sounds like that was something that was introduced as sort of a new concept then.


Richard:    Well, it had occurred in families.


Question:   But not on a larger scale?


Richard:    Not on a larger scale. And there were neighbors. It was much easier to work with several neighbors who were also tending flocks or cattle rather than doing everything by yourself. But for the most part, you know, when did they start making pottery? I donít know. It sure was a heck of a long time before they cast metal pots. They had to cook in something; I donít know what they cooked in. Sea shells or something. But they always needed something better than what they had. Necessity is the mother of invention.


Question:   But thatís a tremendous contrast to the way the world is today, so interdependent with so much _____________________.


Richard:    And I donít decry the interdependence. It forces us to get along with one another because we need one another. Itís hard to get rid of somebody you need. So that whole thing you grew up to recognizing it was good to stick together as a family. A family really consisted of a mother and her children. After a while, men started hanging around, because there always seemed to be food being prepared.


Did the Plans for Lemuria Exist Before Rhu and Hut?


Question:   I was going to ask what John had already confirmed. The plans for the civilization in Lemuria existed on the Astral Plane, and those people actually had the desire to coalesce together and incarnate together, so they all planned this.


Richard:    Itís very logical to me that they were all presented with this idea and Higher Beings explained what the advantages would be and how to move forward. And keep incarnating and doing the same thing over and over again and youíre not really getting that far. Maybe youíre learning interpersonal skills, which is pretty important. But no technology. Somebody came up with how to weave. Actually, it was the Elders who taught the first women coming in how to weave, so they didnít have to wear skins all the time. Tanning skins was a great invention. But some people just wore the skins that they cut off the animal; you could always smell them coming. But then when they had woven cloth, that was a big thing. And can you imagine the satisfaction of having someone say, ďThis cloth is awfully hard to cut. So why donít we take two knives and splice the ends to one another.Ē And somebody says, ďWe just invented scissors.Ē Now, thatís a simple thing, to have two knives work together, particularly when those knives are made out of stone. But that was the first step. You had to learn how to make a flat surface and do all the beveling on just one side instead of two sides and have the two surfaces slide together on the flat area and cut the cloth. And learning how to cut down trees and how to use them as lumber instead of cutting everything into logs. Make inventions. Hard work. Somebody had to make a saw. They soon had to learn how to bend obsidian into ____________ in order to make a saw. Thatís a big thing, and it really works. And they figured out what they could do with copper; if they could hammer it together and shape it just about any way they wanted to, if they banged it long enough with a couple of stones, and make saws out of that. Thatís another big thing. Incredibly simple, primitive kinds of things. But when they were invented, it changed technology. But it was still a lot of work. Using a saw like that, it would take days to reduce a log into something like points. But if nothing else, they had plenty of time . They werenít on any time clocks.


Is the Time-Scale for the End Times Related to 9-11?


Question:   Richard, where do you see us in the time scale of the end-time scenario? And how do you think the events of September 11 may relate to that?


Richard:    I do too much reading to accept September 11 as being a plot by Bin Laden. Unfortunately, rogue members of our government who were set up to go over different kinds of plans to destabilize the country and mostly to be able to enforce very strict rules on everybody. I was just reading about thereís a company in Indianapolis that produces a small flying disc, about so big, and they can fly it silently and can go up about 500 feet. Theyíre primarily designed to be at about fifty feet. And its ability to spy is incredible, and it can actually come right down to your face and ask you questions and as you to show identification to it and report anything and everything that you donít want to have anybody know about. Those things cost about a third of million each; but itís so incredibly sophisticated that you can control the population without having any difficulty whatsoever. The amount of money that weíre spending to kill people over in Afghanistan is just so faróeach member of the Taliban that we kill costs about $9 million. $3 million for each person we capture. In order to get rid of all of the terrorists it costs like $4 quadrillion. Weíll be broke long before then. So somewhere along the line, weíre going to say, letís live with the risk just like we had for the past 200 years. And those who get picked off get picked off, and then they can continue without being broken economically. I hope thatís what they do. For the most part, we have been pretty civil in this country. And Iíd hate for it to be turned into a police state over September 11. But I donít really think that has much to do with the end times. I keep hearing from all different quadrants that what we thought was going to happen in 2000 is not going to be any later than 2012. And there are various stages of that, in-between now and then. So weíll have to see. At the present time, I do not have a direct answer from the Teachers as to what the answer is going to be. So weíll do the best we can with what weíve got in the interim and try to alert people as to whatís going to happen.

Question:   How is it these discs control people? Is it key people in the population that they interrogate or just frighten people into compliance with existing paradigms?


Richard:    Any way they can be surveilled, absolutely. You canít begin to hear them until theyíre about ten feet away. And they work day and night just as well. The nighttime images are almost as clear as the daytime images. So if you have half a million of these things floating around out there, I think it would be awfully hard for criminals to get away with much. Unfortunately, most of the criminals are in the Department of Injustice.


What Are the Brotherhoods Doing to Hold the Country Together?


Question:   You said recently that you had the impression that there are a number of members of the Brotherhoods that are actively involved in industry and the military and government. Theyíre kind of helping hold things together. Can you give us some idea of how you get that impression?


Richard:    I donít know if youíve heard much about the intelligence communityóthe CIA and the Offices of Naval Intelligence. There are two factions within those groups, called Faction 1, which is for the international bankers who are trying to establish a New World Order, and thereís Faction 2, which is trying to oppose that plan. Faction 2 is what inspired some people who are so honest in the judiciary to start the acronym law, NESARA, and that plan is to completely revise the legislative and executive branches to get back entirely to the Constitution as it was originally. Itís interesting to note that thereís a female member of the Supreme Court, which is one of the principal pushers for these reformations under NESARA, and Colin Powell, who is the Secretary of State, and who has tried to be ignored as much as possible by the Bush administration so far as taking advice from him as opposed to others. That process is being backed by a lot of people in the military and in the judiciary. But theyíre not powerful enough to completely eliminate Faction 1ís plans to bring about the New World Order. NESARA was supposed to be declared last year, but the popularity of President Bush at the present time makes it rather difficult to pull that off, and weíre also in the process of a war against terrorism, whatever that means. So things are kind of being held back for a bit. Somewhere in the next year or so, weíll probably get NESARA. As I understand it, every member of Congress, the Senate and the House have signed resignations from their office without a date, to be activated under NESARA. And the same goes for Bush and all the elected members of his administration. And I understand that there is a U.S. marshal who goes everywhere that the President goes, and at the moment it is decided is going to be activated, heíll put Bush under arrest. And he has a warrant to do so; and of course, as soon as that happens, it activates his resignation. Essentially, the Presidentís father is now serving his fourth term as president. He essentially acted as president when he was vice prescient, and then of course, he served one term as president in his own right, and heís back to being in charge again now. And Faction 1 of the CIA obeys his orders. And thereís all kind of clandestine assassinations going on against people on both sides. I donít know how thatís going to end up. So I guess thereís hope. I donít know which way we as private individuals can get involved in this. There doesnít seem to be any provision set aside for doing so. And of course, the press has a great deal to do with determining the popularity of certain philosophies in the government and the leaders in the government. And thatís another force that has to be reckoned with. Itís very hard to come by any truth. So does that make any sense for you?


Question:   Yes. I can gather a few pieces that I didnít understand. Youíre saying that Colin Powell is a proponent of NESARA? One of its advocates?


Richard:    Right.


Question:   Are there others?


Richard:    Lots of generals and former generals and admirals who are 100 percent for going back to the Constitution. Theyíre in a position to see the skullduggery that is going on. A lot of this information is just reserved to people in the highest offices. And thatís why theyíre so concerned. Officers who support NESARA, too, have been knocked off at an alarming rate. Some big namesóremember the whole plane load of admirals and generals that were going to arrest Clinton for treason, and somehow or other, their plane blew up over Louisiana or Alabama. So some of them have moved to Europe and are working together from Europe rather than being exposed to things in this country. Because somebody is leaking their secrets.


Question:   Theyíre living in Europe with the approval of the European hosts?


Richard:    I donít know that Europeans know what the heck theyíre doing. Theyíre just living there; thatís all.


Question:   If someone is leaking their secrets, it seems like remote viewing is pretty common now; just about anybody can be taught it. It seems like that would be a means of surveillance; wouldnít it?


Richard:    Yes, itís another way. Vivaxis is another way. You remember how that works. Itís hard to have secrets.


Question:   So, Richard, what youíre saying is that there may be hope that weíll have this government restored to its rightful ownership, the people, like people in the government, who care?


Richard:    Right now, itís the judiciary thatís doing the most to undermine justice in this country. Theyíre the ones whoóthe payoffs are great. I donít think itís a secret anymore that the CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world. Theyíre dealing with money in the billions all the time, and thereís plenty to spread around to those they want to control who are in the highest positions. Federal judges are incredibly corrupt. Now, they will go along with the law and with the lawyers on the vast majority of cases; but every so often, somebody gets involved with a big name or works for somebody with a big name, and those people are essentially protected from just about anything they want to do. And itís now spreading to the state and local judges. They say, ďWell, they can get away with it. Are they going to give us a hard time? Letís join them.Ē So that means that justice just simply doesnít exist at certain levels. And that can extend to any one of us. I was reading an analysis of that by a mean who has been studying the process, and he says anybody who is a federal government target, whoever they are, is going to serve jail time. It doesnít make any difference what defense you put up; youíre going to jail.


What Happens When the Judicial System Breaks Down?


Question:   Whether you did anything wrong.


Richard:    Right. Whether you did anything wrong or not. And one of the principal techniques they use by the judges is declaring the inadmissability of evidence that supports your innocence. They say, ďThat is not admissible; that is not admissible.Ē And the prosecutor is just smacking his lips. ďThis is like shooting fish in a barrel.Ē And itís just exactly that. So anyone can be picked up at any time, accused of anything. And if they decide they really want you put away, no matter what reasonómaybe you irritated somebodyóyou can do incredible length of time, and it has nothing to do with reality or justice. When there is no justice, there is no civil peace. And thatís precisely what happened in China, and it didnít take very long before somebody said, ďEnough is enough. Weíre going to overthrow this thing.Ē And there was somebody who, because he was a communist sympathizer, was able to go to another country and say, ďI need money to take over this country.Ē They say, ďWell, great. How many guns to you want, and where do you want them?Ē And thatís what happens. You have a civil war, and nobody wants a civil war, because it takes a generation to recover from a civil war. It took France three or four generations to recover from the Revolution. So for somebody to say, ďWell, all this in the name of power and money; itís worth it for me at this time to take a ___________ and screw the next generation.Ē But there are ways also of convincing people who donít want to do that at all by putting them into compromising situations and then bribing them to go the directions they want them to go or else. We have that problem with Enron Corporation. And the kind of thinking amongst some of the executives of that corporation, most of whom, I think, lied to the president of the corporation, or concealed things. They said, ďWeíve got that solved; weíve got that solved.Ē He said, ďOh, great. How did you do it?Ē ďWell, itís complicated.Ē And then they enrich themselves by all kinds of little side deals in the process and pick up a few million dollars for themselves, the great strategy being when people have lost confidence in the reporting of the value of the corporation, people will start dumping their stock. Now the stock is less than a dollar a share, and the value of the assets are far exceeding that; far exceeding that. But people wonít buy the stock, which means that all the people who had their life savings and retirement plans tied up in that, lost everything. Just confidence. the same thing can happen to a nation. People lose confidence if you really have it together economically, a country like ours where the currency is based entirely on the faith in the administration of the country, if peopleís faith in that system is shaken, then Enron could be the beginning of the _________ that comes out. Then people arenít going to accept the dollar, and thatís going to leave the United States in one difficult spot. And since weíre in the United States, that means itís going to happen to us. So what obligation do we have to say, ďEnough is enough already?Ē And then can we stay out of jail long enough to be heard? Once they put you in jail, anything you have to say is considered suspect, so they know how to silence anybody thatís protesting. All fun and games at the moment, and I donít know where itís going, but if the earth changes are going to occur in the next ten years, it couldnít happen soon enough. It may be about the only thing that saves us all. But then we have to deal with warlords, which should be even more fun.



Why Does the Queen of England Has Sizeable Holdings in This Country?


Question:   ____________ the Queen of England bought property in Colorado near the Denver Airport, to be like a home base to those who would take over this neck of the woods after earth changes to maintain the British Empire, so to speak? Do you think thereís any legitimacy to those claims?


Richard:    Thatís possible. The Queen of England already owns approximately half of the real estate in Manhattan. Thatís a fairly lucrative piece of real estate. But thatís been acquired by the Crown over the last 250 years. I happen to know a fellow out in Los Angeles that I became friends with, and it was his job for many years to carry the accounting of how much she was supposed to be collecting in rents for the property in Manhattan. And he said, Iím sworn not to say how much, but the number of billions of dollars that she receives every year from all the rents in Manhattan is just absolutely mind-boggling. Now, her ownings are not limited to Manhattan; thatís for sure. I havenít heard that she purchased an airport; or what she the one who built it? Do you happen to know?


What Is the Meaning of the Symbolism at the New Denver Airport?


Question:   I got that from the internet; I donít remember the authorís name. Alexandria Christopher. It was an interview with her discussing the World Order topic.


Richard:    Thereís a lot of spooky occult stuff in the lower levels of that airport, if you want to go down there and take a look at them.


Question:   She mentioned that; the cornerstone has a lot of symbolism.


Richard:    Iím talking spooky, spooky. Really negative occults. Presumably these are even lower levels, that are secret. Why did it take so long to build that place? Why was it so incredibly expensive? Itís not only whatís been built above ground; thereís a whole bunch of other stuff involved in that place. So I wouldnít doubt that she or her son have gotten involved in that part of the world. Maurice Strong owns a lot of stuff in that area. Heís the one who has been promoting things through the U.N. to divest anybody of private property.



Question:   Youíre saying thereís a possibility that Enronís collapse could be the plug that pulls them out of the financial situation in the United States. That would undercut NESARA if it happens; wonít it?


Richard:    I donít know which way that would go. It could go either way.


Question:   A couple of follow-ups on that. Since Colin Powell is apparently an advocate of that, that makes him a target of the other forces; doesnít it?


Richard:    Yes.


Question:   Heís in danger, apparently.


Richard:    Yes. He has body guards with him all the time.


Question:   One other question. You said that thereís a marshal that travels with Bush everywhere he does?


Richard:    Yes, U.S. Marshall.


Question:   Is Bush aware of that?


Richard:    Iím sure it drives him crazy. I hope it does.


Question:   Knowing that heís one step away from being arrested.


Richard:    Right.


How Has the Government Been Corrupted?


Question:   So thereís that faction of our own government thatís trying to correct the matter.


Richard:    Right. See, the problem is people are hired to work at some job in the government; not necessarily elected. Because very very, few people in comparison to people who are just hired to work in the government. All the bureaucracies are manned by individuals who were hired. They are in positions of power and they start doing all kinds of stuff on their own. And they get to write laws which get placed in the Federal Register and not reviewed by Congress for thirty days becomes U.S. law. Nobody ever legislated it. Nobody ever reviewed it. It just becomes part of law.


Question:   Rule by decree.


Richard:    Correct. And those things are worded in ways which add to the income of the people who word it. And also the power goes along with it. Just about every person who works for the federal governmentópeople who work in the Parks Service and what have you are now authorized to carry guns, side arms. Even IRS agents can carry side arms for self-protection.


Question:   And if you get blasted by one of them, the corrupt courts, theyíre automatically essentially absolved of any responsibility.


Richard:    Right. And so are the people who are the perpetrators. So itís legalized gangsters. And the example I gave before, thatís exactly what happened in Shang Chi Shek, China. That country was difficult to get people to trial, because they usually ended up, their head was in one place and their body was in another. Just right on the spot. Theyíd pick somebody up, theyíd take what they want; the guy complains and out comes the sword. That worried people. If youíre driving along the highway and get stopped by a police officer, he examines the inside of your car and your wallet, and he says, ďHey, youíve got $1,500.00 in cash in here. Iím afraid that only people who are involved in drug trade carry that kind of cash. Iíll have to impound it. Iíll probably have to impound your car, too.Ē


Question:   Youíre saying the Fourth Amendment has been gutted, essentially.


Richard:    Yeah. Itís just words on a piece of paper. So thatís what happens to a system in a few short years.




Question:   Whatís the process by which this NESARA idea is implemented? How is that possible if the New World Order knows about it?


Richard:    The complete text is available on the internet. If you want to read the entire text of the law, which was passed several years ago, it is available out there. Itís not a secret, but hardly anybody knows about it.


Question:   How can they possibly implement it? I thought the people that advocate the New World Order control everything in the government.


Richard:    Thereís been a lot of skullduggery brought about by Faction 1, which has been blocked by Faction II recently. The biggest thing was gold had been called from Europe and the Orient that essentially was stolen from the United States by clever accounting by international bankers. And the gold has been brought back to the United States. This is something that was occurring three or four years ago. We heard about it kind of underground, but plenty of people seemed to be aware that trillions of dollarsí worth of gold was being brought back into the country. Well, the New World Order people sent troops to capture that gold and keep it from NESARA, because NESARA also sets up an individualóeach state will have its own state treasury, which will support the currency in the area. When the troops arrived, they found out there was already troops there who were protecting it. And they sent them away. The federalized troops were sent away, and nobody got shot.


Question:   So the second group of troops that arrived were Faction 1 or Faction 2?


Richard:    The second group was Faction 1. Faction 2 already had troops there. Thereís an incredible gold fort. I understand itís kept in two places in the United States. NESARA backs new currency. The Euro came out just recently. And though they do not advertise it or make a big noise about it, the Euro is backed by gold. If people figure that one out, theyíre going to say, ďIím going to give these paper Federal Reserve Notes back and trade them for Euros, because I can get told for Euros. I canít get diddly for a Federal Reserve Note.Ē


Question:   And yet, one of the biggest governments, England, theyíre not in it yet, are they?


Richard:    No, theyíre not.


Question:   How do you explain that?


Richard:    The United States and England are reading off the same sheet of music. The Bank of England calls the tune for England and the United States. I donít know if you want to accept that or not, but thatís the best I can understand.


Are There Any Current Islands That Will Be Part of the Island in the Pacific?


Question:   After the earth changes come about, and the new continent rises out of the Pacific Ocean, are there any current islands that are above the water now that will be on that continent?


Richard:    Right. There will be plateaus there; mainly theyíre mountain tops.


Question:   And thereís islands in the Pacific that will be raised up?


Richard:    Yes. Most of them. I wouldnít say that the new continent outline is going to be identical to what it was when it sank 26,000 years ago. It probably wonít be. But it will be quite extensive, I understand.


Question:   Do you supposed Pearl Harbor will be a dry dock?


Richard:    Yeah, right. And everything in it.


Did the Bible Code Predict the Israeliís Attack Against Baghdad?


Question:   So according to the Bible Code, do you think that perhaps the fact that the Israelis attacked Iraq and prevented war from erupting, that kind of delayed everything? Is that your position, or at least a legitimate theory?


Richard:    Well, youíre referring to the Israeli attack against the development of nuclear weapons in Baghdad?


Question:   And the Israelis apparently read the Bible Code and noticed something about that and then acted on that?


Richard:    Yes. And there are other things that they noticed in the Bible Code, too, since then. They put them in the right place at the right time. But theyíre headed on a suicide mission that will eventually destroy Israel. The Palestinian people and the Israelis do not get along. And itís awfully hard for a Palestinian to give up what had been their land for generations and were dispossessed by international agreements in favor of the Israelis. But the big money people needed the outlets for banks for movement of gold, diamonds to places where drugs were being purchased. So they just needed a little place; Israel is not all that big. But the amount of money that flows through Israel every day is in the trillions of dollars; every day. The international bankers, the powers-that-be, needed that place in order to do business. And they didnít care how many people they dispossessed in the process of setting it up. I donít know why people who do stuff like that completely disregard how people are going to react. They just figure, ďWeíll just keep them beaten down until they just accept whatever we put on them.Ē Peopleís memories are long. Nobody has ever occupied Afghanistan; nobody. Afghanistan is for the Afghanis, and youíd better believe that thatís going to go on and on that way. Itís not a good place for Americans to be, although they have this love affair going on right now between the provisional government and


Does the US Control the Government in Afghanistan?


Question:   But that provisional government is essentially American surrogates; isnít it? And theyíre not Afghani people who are really Afghan patriots or anything like that. Thatís my perception, anyway.


Richard:    They have representatives from all of the factions of Afghans. Theyíre all there together.


Question:   The people at the top just pay lip service to their needs or concerns?


Richard:    Well, theyíre got to pacify the place. After twenty years of war, everybody is saying, ďEnough is enough already.Ē Once they get things settled down, then they can start shooting one another again. Iím not trying to be facetious; thatís just a fact. The various tribal groups have not gotten along for a couple thousand years. Throwing a bunch of money in there is not going to change it. But we need a pipeline through there. And even Russia needs a pipeline through there. And so you have the United States and Russia agreeing on the present system thatís going on. So also, the other big thing is who controls the poppy fields of Afghanistan? They provide about 90% of the heroin in the world. Thatís not going to change. The Bushes see dollar signs every time they look out at all of those poppy fields out there. It may sound unfair for me to sayóYou might say, ďThis guy is accusing him of all these horrendous things. Iím not accusing them of anything; I just read about all of the crimes that the Bushes have been carrying out for years. And it doesnít make any difference how much they do. Every so often theyíre called before federal courts and magistrates and so forth, but somehow or other, the charges are dropped. How can that be? Iíve read accounts of how theyíve really got it nailed as to who does what and when, but nothing ever happens. So are we being ruled? Or do we have people who are governing the United States for the benefit of all the citizens? I donít think so. I think weíre being ruled. At any rate, there are a lot of scary things happening.


Richard:    We havenít gotten very metaphysical today, folks.


How Do Higher Beings Deal with Inhumanities?


Question:   I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I see things going on that are not for the good of, say, an innocent person, like a child or something like that. Itís traumatic for me. When I see them falling under cultural influences that I feel are harmful, it seems like in the next ten years, we could undergo a lot of trouble. I know that the Brothers will be able to not have to go through the trauma of the cleansing, but it just seems pretty difficult to have to go through that.


Richard:    I guess the best thing to do is to try to create an oasis that will minimize all these kinds of things yourself. Because you sure as heck canít go out and change the world. Iíd like to be able to. But every so often somebody comes along who has an idea which is so profound and so understandable and desirable to everybody, that they make immediate changes. That happened in the case of the Iroquois Confederation. It happened in the case of Tibet changing from an extremely warlike place to being a Buddhist haven. Somebody came along that changed everything within a few years. There must be somebody out there whoís willing or able to do the same thing other than having Christ come back. And maybe thatís what itís going to take; I donít know. But Heís not scheduled to come back for another almost thousand years now. So there are people who are keeping us educated through the Internet. But still, I donít see people uniting into a different party to make major changes. If they do come up with a party that really becomes popular, thereís a Republican party and a Democratic party who are going to do everything possible to destroy it. Ross Perot came up with some stuff that everybody said is the same old stuff; we donít have to worry about it, and they were right; it just disappeared. The Green Party is going to be the same sort of thing. Somebody has to come up with a radical change, a really radical change, that is so appealing, and is so self-evident, that people will switch around to a new system. Frankly, I donít think thatís going to happen in this country. Even if NESARA gets established, which Iím hoping it does, I donít think weíre going to haveóWeíve just try to hold things together here until 2012 and see what happens then. But if somebody comes along that appears to be personally, I would probably join their party. Thatís me personally; Iím not saying the group. Itís not going to be Maitreya; Iíll tell you that.


Does the Year 2012 Have Any Significance to the End Times?


Question:   A couple of times this afternoon youíve mentioned the year 2012. Over the last couple months, it appears that youíve narrowed it down to that particular year. Is that true, and why?


Richard:    A number of different sources who are quite independent from me or the Brotherhoods, so far as I know, seem to settle on that date, at the latest. Thereís a great deal of metaphysical acceptance of the earth changes coming up, and theyíre going to be widespread and extremely destructive. And I think most people see it as a cleansing, and then we can start afresh. So theyíre interested in it and theyíre trying to narrow it down as to when itís going to happen. And a number of calendars that have been around for a long time have been ratheróabout particular things, and theyíve been pinning their hopes on those calendars. None of them go past 2012. So maybe thereís something to that. I was told right from the beginning that May 5 of 2000 was going to be a trigger. There have been people started reporting how much volcanic activity and seismic activity there has been in the last twenty years, so they figure this is building up to something. This has been a quiet year so far, but a couple of volcanoes have done things that nobodyís ever seen anything like that before. Well, the Earth is restive. Weíll just have to see what happens. And now theyíre talking about big comets and rogue planets influencing. Scientists report that there have been major changes in the atmosphere of all the planets in our solar system, including ours, and even more changes from the Sun than theyíve ever seen before. What does that auger? I donít know. But every planet is experiencing changes. Since weíve learned how to measure things that go on in the atmosphere of the planets, weíve been able to locate changes. So there seems to be a feeling that perhaps weíre entering part of the Universe where our Sun travels in an orbit on its own, a big orbit. And as it streams through parts of space, each one has different characteristics. More hydrogen atoms per cubic whatever, different magnetic or electric characteristics that the surrounding space of the solar system is passing now. Also, the leading edge of the solar system has set up a glow that has never been observed before. Some kind of an electromagnetic something-or-other, but itís more energetic than apparently weíve going through before, and itís influencing the Sun in some way, also, all of the planets of the solar system. But nobody can predict where this is going to lead, because theyíve never seen it before and every 20,000 years do we pass through this thing every 26,000 years? I donít know; they donít know either. But something is happening. And when such changes occur electro-magnetically and atmospherically, it influences human beings. So what are we going to do? Are we going to be progressing to a more advanced stage? Will we become more bestial? We donít know. Letís stick around and find out. Apparently, these changes are occurring very rapidly. I guess over the past couple of years. Itís something to think about. If youíre sleeping peacefully, maybe this will change that. Lie there awake all night long worrying about it.


What Is the Difference Between Love, Falling in Love and Emotions?


Question:   Some time ago you described that love isnít an emotion, but itís a power emanating from a Celestial source.


Richard:    From God.


Question:   Right. And I want to keep that thought at the moment while I ask the other questions. Correct me if Iím wrong, but there are five principal emotions in a human beingógrief, anger, fear, joy, and awe.


Richard:    Everything else is a mixture of those.


Question:   Then when people decide that they fall in love or a relationship develops, would they not be experiencing more joy and awe that is mistaken for the power of love or can you add more to that?


Richard:    I donít know if thatís a hairy subject or a sticky subject.


Question:   I know it could be different for different people, and maybe itís something that canít be applied in a general sense, but I thought maybe if you could try.


Richard:    Well, all kinds of wonderful things happen when you find yourself compatible with another person of the opposite gender, and youíre exploring one another. And in the process, youíre exploring yourself in a new way. And thatís exciting stuff. Now, a lot of excitement, a lot of satisfaction, noveltyónovelty usually brings happiness; it doesnít necessarily bring joy, but maybe to some extent awe is what it is youíre experiencing. These are positive things. Whether or not love is involved is a whole different thing again. You have sex, which doesnít necessarily have anything at all to do with love in order to be a powerful driving force. It brings many gratifications in itself. Love is a long, enduring kind of thing; it does not depend upon awe or happiness. It has as much to do with commitment to other people and a desire to help other people, to not look at those aspects which are self-gratifying, but those aspects which are extending of oneself to the benefit of others. That seems to be how it manifests. But all those other good things at the beginning, if everything woks out, sets things up for the expression of love. And when the excitement and gratification and certainly in most of those ways, kind of tapers off, itís the love which makes for an enduring beauty. Now, we say that love is a power that emanates from God, which is channeled by the person who has maturity and basic humanity, love is a flow for the individual. So they will become a focus of that love energy. If things can be passed through, you can then feel the love as it comes through you and goes out to other people. You canít bottle up love within yourself. It has to flow from outside of you to outside of you. Now, whatís the advantage of all of that?


Question:   Doesnít that create a better ability to experience the other two emotions of joy and awe?


Richard:    It helps a lot. Remember the person who is self-involved emotionally cannot receive or transmit love. The person who is so neurotic is not a good receiver and transmitter of love. Theyíre energy drains on other people. So you have to be grown up in order to experience love. There are a lot of children who arenít neurotic. Their parents arenít neurotic. They didnít pass on neuroses to their children, and their children are these kind of golden babes who are a joy to have around and who are very humane and civil, and they can channel love quite naturally. So you donít have to be the product of psychoanalysis over twenty years in order to experience love. It can just be perfectly natural. I have run into children like that. And I always want to meet the parents to find out theyíre just delightful people. I had a boss one time, a young man, who was about 32 or 33, something like that. He was just a delight to be around all the time. Another golden child. So it is possible. Iíve seen it, and itís nice to be emulated.


Question:   Do you think those people will comprise most of the remnant?


Richard:    I see a lot of it here. At any rate, these are a lot of words to try and distinguish what it was you were talking about. I hope that clarifies things a bit.


Question:   Thereís more I would like to add yet.


Richard:    The discussion never endsóor shouldnít.


Who Wrote the Bible Codes?


Question:   Also, the Bible Codes that were mentioned; so of them were quite dramatic, and have apparently proven to be prophetic. Have you any supposition, or even idea, of the authors? Who were the encoders?


Richard:    It might not have been Moses.


Question:   Or it might have. He was capable.


Richard:    But somebody knew something, and figured out how to do it. I think itís amazing how we figured out that somebody figured it out.


Why Are People So Interested in Prophecy If It Rarely Is Accurate?


Question:   Apparently those prophecies are malleable. Whatís the purpose of putting something into Scripture like that if itís subject to change? It seems kind of unlikely to me. I just donít understand.


Richard:    The warning aspect that something needs to be done, or this is going to happen.


Question:   I was looking at the letter you sent about how things have changed about May 2000, and you said there were two dates, 2000 and 2006; I believe thatís what you said. To predict somethingís going to happen and then it just doesnít seem likely. I just donít understand why saying one day, if the other dateóone time is one time and the other one is accurate, if things didnít change. I believe that we can change things, but why prophecy with the stature that the Bible enjoys, and then they not apparently be accurate.


Richard:    Then you have to remember thereís another thing, too. That stuff has already remained hidden for thousands of years. Why has somebody discovered them just in time for them to be of value? Weíre talking about mysteries here; thereís no question about that. Somebody was telling us something; making sure that weíre hearing them. And of course, the first person you run into, they found it hard to convince anybody that theyíd found something. Stuff like that becomes so popular, and they can sell millions of books on Bible prophecy and the Bible Code, shows that people want to know whatís going on. They want to be able to have some kind of way to plan. And we know, for instance, winter is not a good time to plant crops, but we know the spring is always around the corner from winter, and we bet on that year after year. Those are things which are pretty much for sure. Everything else is pretty risky. People have figured out how to predict the stock market through astrology and through cycles. Why is anybody interested? Because we want to know in advance. When somebody says that there are going to be comets falling or earthquakes, we want to hear as much information as we can to help prepare. And thatís apparently the best we can do. Thereís still egg on my face from the fact that May 5, 2000 didnít occur, and I feel that all the time.


Question:   It was a trigger.


Richard:    Yes, something happened.


Donít People Keep Moving Despite What the Prophecies Say?


Question:   Itís my understanding that we have to make our own way; that we have to try to, through trial and error, to do what we have to do, and thatís in a way like cheating to be told ahead of time that this is going to happen or thatís going to happen. I understand about the crops and things, and we learn through trial and error not to plant in winter and this, that and the other. But it just seems like if those prophecies are accurate, in a way, itís almost like cheating because it kind of goes against the idea of us learning on our own and making our own way.


Richard:    The prize, though, is the preservation of some level of civilization which takes so long to establish. And weíve made a lot of preparations around here which are here; weíve moved that far ahead. You put lifeboats on ocean liners because even things which are unsinkable sink, and you do the best you can in making sure that things arenít going to go too bad for you. Iíll do all I can. If God wants to whisper in my ear, Iíll listen to Him. The problem is, how do you know itís Him? The Devil and God whisper in the same way.


Will There Be Warlords an Such After the Earth Changes?


Question:   What did you say about warlords? Did you mean before or after?


Richard:    After. Thatís the first step back from some kind of larger societal control.


Question:   And they wonít be wiped out by their karma because weíre talking national karma.


Richard:    Yes. Thereís always something that you have to guard against and be on the right side at the right time. Thatís part of the wisdom of living, I guess.


Does Love Need to Be Kept Moving Like Blood in the Bloodstream?


Question:   Would you consider Love to be a very fluid thing, a very alive thing that has constantly be moving, with good circulation, like you have to have really good circulation of your blood or something?


Richard:    I guess as much as you can stand, you can do. But I donít know that you have to do anything with it. What we call Love is the great creative energetic force of life. What we call Love, thatís part of the definition of it.


Question:   So you have to constantly be making yourself fit for it, to be a vehicle for it? You have to be ready for making Love part of your consciousness. You have to be aware?


Richard:    I donít know if you have to be aware, because most people who receive and use Love very effectively probably never try to identify it or quantify it in any way.


Does a Person Either Have Love or They Donít?


Question:   You make it sound like you either have it or you donít.


Richard:    Iím afraid thatís the way it is. You canít whomp it up. Itís an energy that you have to be prepared to receive and transmit. And some people are not transmitters. And if it doesnít go out to much valuable use, thereís not much point in it coming to you. We refer to Love as an emotion, but it is not. It gives rise to feelings within our bodies, which are very salubrious. So since it gives rise to feelings, we say that there must be emotion behind the feeling, but itís not; itís a force. And people keep classifying it as an emotion because it feels like an emotion. But itís not. I guess one of the main points Iím trying to make out of that is that it comes from the outside; it comes from the Source; itís the great creative power, the great healing power, of the Universe. Itís there all the time; it never goes away. And itís there in unlimited quantities for whoever can and will use it. But unfortunately, the neurotic persons canít use it because they have blocks in their feelings for people and tend to be self-centered rather than sociocentered.