Where Should We Focus Our Attention When We Pray?


Question:   Where should we focus our attention when we pray? I sometimes sense a kind of “presence” near me, and I pray to that.


Answer:     I recommend visualizing Christ when you pray. The Father God, being pure Spirit, has no physical appearance. Almost everyone has an idea what Christ looks like, and prayers to Him are as effective as those directed to God. Prayers directed to Christ are generally answered by the Holy Spirit, who are the Brothers, acting as Christ’s lieutenants. To try to contact the magnificence of God is almost immeasurably beyond us at our present level of advancement. A “presence” which you feel to be nearby may easily be a lower entity eager to respond to an opportunity to take part in your environment. The most effective prayers are said in private, and the picture you form in your mind gives the prayer its power and direction. (11-1971)