Positive Thinking


Question: What do you think of schools which teach success through positive thinking?


Answer: This is very, very badly needed because Americans are so doubt-oriented and fear-ridden that we need to learn the basic rules of how to obtain that which we really want. Success is not always measured in money. Success may mean a happy marriage. One can say, Im a success because I have a good husband and wonderful children. But many people are afraid that they would not be able to obtain this goal so they never marry. What these schools point out is that people must recognize that the Universe is really quite benign. It will correspond to your thinking. Once you recognize that you can bring into your environment anything that you truly have a burning desire to have, it will come about, but you have to have action at the same time. Until you have that burning desire, chances are you wont start moving to do those things which would motivate you to get it started. Most good schools will point out the mental laws which are to be followed and then emphasize the physical actions to produce it.


First you must decide what you want, Many people cant make decisions so they just drift along. The whole trick is focusing your energies on a specific goal and then centering your attention on that one thing. It may take a couple of years to bring it about, but it will come if you keep your desire burning. The central idea is that mental actions must proceed what you want to do, but you must first make a decision. (03-1972)