Are Past Life Techniques Worth Investigating?


Q:      Richard, those past life regression techniques, are they worth investigating at all?


RK:    Generally not because most of them have to rely on an operator who is receiving information from discarnate entities someplace. It is a form of mediumship, actually. There does not seem to be any proven legitimate way to get through to your prior lifetimes through your own remembrances because, presumably, you are just working with this brain and this brain knows only what happens in it since a few months before birth. Now, a lot of that stuff is not conscious, but there does seem to be a remembrance of certain things. Of course, you did not do much when you were a fetus seven months old, but things happening around you were things that you knew. For instance, there was a conductor of orchestras who always seemed to know instinctively the complete cello parts of a particular symphony or concerto that he would be directing. The reason for that was his mother was a concert cellist and, up until almost the time he was born, his mother was playing that cello. Although he, as an Ego, was not involved. There were patterns that were formed in his brain which remembered the passages of music. That is why you can go back a few months before birth. So, that is as far back as you can go.


A lot of times when people are giving forth information that is regressed hypnotically and they are given forth information about things that happened to them in prior lifetimes it is usually the expectations or interpretations of the person who put them into the hypnotic state which are coming forth.


So, the other way is to have a spirit entity tell you what you did in prior lifetimes. But, most spirit entities who are low enough to deal with mediums are inclined to say anything. We had one of our members here, a number of years back, who went to three of the top-notch people who did life readings like Cayce was supposed to have done. These were people who had “taken up the mantle” of Cayce. There were two in the United States and one in England that he went to. It took about six months. He actually did not go there. He applied for a time to have questions answered about his life and it took about six months on the waiting list before he finally got his answers. The three top-notch people in the world came back with three entirely different series of lifetimes in his past. So, you can kind of figure on how much reliance you can put on that sort of thing.


You have to wait until you are sufficiently advanced to make that breakthrough on your own, in which event you know how to handle that information, most of which is incredibly embarrassing about the things that you did in prior lifetimes. (02-1983)