How Are Particles Precipitated?


To begin, space is definitely not empty. What we call a vacuum actually consists of Basic Energy which does not happen to have any of the eddies that comprise matter and energy on all the planes. There have recently been some pretty amazing observations in nuclear physics which point out this fact. One instrument that physicists use to track subatomic inter-reactions is a vapor-filled box called a bubble chamber. As subatomic particles travel through it, they leave vapor trails and trajectories and branchings of the trails from the collisions or interactions of the particles. That pretty much tells a trained observer what that reaction is. And, of course, they photograph these things to have a permanent record of them. But physicists have noticed that now and then a network of trails would show up, which began and ended completely inside the bubble chamber. They call these “vacuum patterns,” where, in a group of particles, they appear spontaneously from the space inside the bubble chamber and then annihilate themselves. The universe is somehow constructed so that space is always just on the verge of giving raise to photons of energy in matter. The mental power of the Creators of the universe is all that is needed to tip that balance in order to generate atoms and another particles out of the raw Basic Energy. It seems pretty likely that man will probably learn soon how to tap this source to provide future motive force rather than continue the use of fossil fields or nuclear energy.