Open House with Richard Kieninger


Q/A Session


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Did You Meet the Seven Masters of the Council of Seven in Your School?


QUESTION:  When you had the ceremony in November 1939, in the school, were the seven Masters who appeared there the Council of Seven?


RICHARD:   I believe they were; although they didn’t announce Themselves as that, and Berkeley wouldn’t confirm it one way or the other.


Is Past, But Not Current, Initiation Status Qualification for Living in the Nation of God?


QUESTION:  As far as living in the Nation of God is concerned, suppose I had achieved First Degree in a prior lifetime but had not achieved it in this lifetime, would I be barred from living in the Nation of God?


RICHARD:   Until you have re-achieved Initiation in this lifetime you would not be able to live in the Nation of God. An Ego can, however, incarnate as an infant to parents who are Initiates in the Nation of God and if he has been an Initiate in a prior lifetime. But in order to get there this time you actually have to go through the initiation ceremony. There are more than a billion Egos who have made it to at least Initiation. Most of these have not incarnated for many thousands of years because the risk of losing their advancement in backward cultures has been so great. So the world has rarely seen Initiates.


Are You Interviewed on the Physical and Astral Plan During Initiation Ceremony?


QUESTION:  Do you have an interview on both the physical and the astral plane during your Initiation ceremony?


RICHARD:   They ask questions that you are expected to answer. But interestingly enough, They don’t ask questions that they know you wouldn’t have the answers to.


Would the Brotherhoods Be Interested in a Person Who Turns Them Down For Membership?


QUESTION:  What would happen if a person meets all the qualifications, and after the interview would decide that he did not want to function within the organization of the Brotherhoods? Would he still attract the attention of the Brotherhoods after that?


RICHARD:   Obviously the person raised himself to the point of becoming an Initiate, and fulfilled all the basic requirements by his own efforts. Now, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t take advantage information that had been put together by the Brotherhood’s. Perhaps got it through his reading of things about the Brotherhoods or actually took a course where he got the information about the Brotherhoods, and operated on that formation. The point is, that he didn’t advance himself within the organization of the Brotherhood, and he obviously can keep on advancing without having to join them. The 100 million or so Masters associated with our life-wave didn’t have any Brotherhoods to work within when they advanced. Almost all of them made Mastership during Lemurian times and a small percentage within the ancient Atlantean, Egyptian, and Indian cultures; and during that 50,000 years that that the Lemurian civilization was extant, there were no Brotherhoods yet.


QUESTION:  So then it is possible to operate outside of a Brotherhood although there are obvious advantages of operating inside a brotherhood?


RICHARD:   The advantages to operating within a Brotherhood are essentially the advantages that accrue to mankind. Being a Brother gives you a greater opportunity to help people who are coming up behind you. At the same time, the Brotherhood’s have a great deal of work to be done here on the mundane level. Only brothers or those who are invited to work for Brothers are the people who are working under the Great Plan. The Brotherhoods’ work is all coordinated, and it leads to specific ends. There is a strict timetable, and there are definite things that must be done within certain periods so the next steps can be accomplished and have it all fit together into the Grand Plan. Many workers are needed; so if a qualified candidate for Initiation elects to not join the brotherhood’s, an appeal is made to one’s sense of responsibility to join the Brotherhoods and take up the work that is so essential.


QUESTION:  I guess it would be more effectual to operate in an organization, you could have more impact than trying to affect change as one individual.


RICHARD:   And just one person can rarely make any effectual change on the whole world without having inspired the co-operation of others. Christ’s advent twenty centuries ago was one of the best orchestrated and most massively-supported, behind-the-scenes operations carried out by the Brotherhoods acting a the “Holy Spirit.” They put Christ on the map; otherwise He would have been a lone voice crying in the wilderness of Roman Judea and forgotten in a generation.


How Long Have the Brotherhoods Adhered to Buddha’s Law?


QUESTION:  Regarding Buddha’s Law that you don’t reveal your status if you are Brother, has that always been the case, or is that something that developed later? What does that really stem from?


RICHARD:   That’s a rule that the Brotherhood’s have always held to. Buddha extended to people who are not yet in the Brotherhood’s and to any type of advancement or unusual ability that one may have. You should never try to impress others with how marvelous you are. Your alleged powers or visions could well be fake because people can’t gainsay what you are experiencing; so it is an unfair game that you are playing with them. Brothers prefer not to get involved in telling people Their status or that they’re even are Brotherhood’s because then They become a target of people who are jealous or fearful. To start talking about the powers and advancement of a person identified as a Brother would threaten the status of the local high priest, ruler, or war-lord who would be moved to do something drastic to stay top dog in his territory.


How Does an Emissary Work with the Brotherhoods?


QUESTION:  I was wondering about was participating in the Great Plan. One can participate by being a Brother and I assume one participates to an extent by being a member of The Stelle Group, but how does an emissary fit within the context of the Great Plan?


RICHARD:   Generally an emissary is a person who brings information to people who are not members of a Brotherhood. He may bring information to people who are in charge of a nation or just provide esoteric information which people can use to change themselves for the better. He essentially is a message bearer.


How Does a Direct Representative Work with the Brotherhoods?


QUESTION:  How would that differ from a Direct Representative? Are they one in the same?


RICHARD:   A direct representative could, under certain circumstances, be implied as having contractual powers and rights to negotiate. In other words, he is representing another the way an attorney can representing you or a corporation. Where as an Emissary is just bringing information, a Direct Representative could speak for the Brotherhoods.


What Is the Significance of the Ark of the Covenant?


QUESTION:  What is the purpose of the Ark of the Covenant in the Great Plan? In The Ultimate Frontier you mentioned that it is important that the Ark never get in hands of lower forced because it was serve them as a rallying point. What is the significance?


RICHARD:   The Ark contains a very revered relic called the “Holy of holies,” which as been in existence since the early days of the Lemurian Empire. The Holy of Holies is pure gold statuary representing two kneeling cherubim facing each other, and it is the repository of certain kinds of spiritual energies that are induced by Higher Beings. It was the center of the Shekinah Glory, and its so-called Mercy Seat has an etheric flame that can be seen by persons of clairvoyant ability. That can used as a means of ascertaining truth or lies of witnesses in trials. It was also the source of the pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night that went before the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt. This Holy of Holies was a center of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, which was a recreation by Moses of the tabernacle used to recruit ancient tribesmen on the continent of Mu to join with the Lemurian civilization. Solomon’s temple was the tabernacle permanentized in stone.


What is the Shekinah Glory?


QUESTION:  What is the Shekinah Glory? Is that Hebrew?


RICHARD:   It comes from the Hebrew. When Solomon dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem after its completion, the priests brought the Ark into the innermost chamber. The ark was opened and the golden cherubim that comprise the Holy of Holies (brought by Moses from the Great Pyramid at Gizeh) were exposed. The Mercy Seat, a shallow dish held between the two cherubim contain the Spirit Fire that then expanded to enclose the entire area, and it surrounded all the people who were in the temple. That happened just once and was known as the Shekinah Glory.


QUESTION:  What was the purpose of that?


RICHARD:   I can’t tell you. I don’t know. There must have been some good reason. It might have to do with God having smiled on our enterprises.


QUESTION:  Is there anything I can do to accelerate my attainment of Mystic Awareness?


RICHARD:   There is no simple answer to that. It has to do with being a person who is really quite balanced within their own mentality. person has to be emotionally sound, a truly loving person, doesn’t seem to demand things of people yet he is really giving to other people. So Mystic Awareness requires first that you be a balanced, sane human being both mentally and emotionally.


There is also the additional requirement that you continuous consistently strive to penetrate mysteries which are beyond the brain’s normal ability to perceive. Nuclear physicist, astronomy theoreticians, and seekers of God are the people most likely to continue in an unwavering and intense effort over many years and thus become successful. The dreamlike states and the exercises that produce altered states of consciousness will not bring about the mystical experience. As a matter of fact, it is a stage of super consciousness and hyper alertness, and as such it is the very opposite of the effects from popular brain desynchronizations and mixed mild oxygen deprivation techniques and the drifty euphoria they produce. It is important that we deal with the sharp point of physical reality while we are incarnate. The physical plane it is a good learning place because things always happen here in ways we can count on, and we have to actually do something in order to have an effect on reality. Whereas on the Astral Plane (also called the desire world), whatever you are thinking about becomes your environment instantly. But on this physical plane we can’t think food into our mouths. We actually have to go out and gather or grow it and then cook it. We have to engage in very definite acts. So cause-and-effect relationships are clear to us when we are incarnated on this plane, and this unquestionably is the best place to learn about the physical realities.


Why Did Abraham Tithe to Melchizedek?


QUESTION:  In Genesis it tells the story about Abraham tithing to Melchizedek. I’m curious as to when and where that happened in terms of his incarnation?


RICHARD:   That item seems to be an interjection that doesn’t particularly relate to the story in which it is found. All it said, essentially, is that Abraham gave a tithe of the spoils of his battle to Melchizadek, priest-king of Salem. The ruler of Jerusalem was the King of Peace or, we say Melchizadek which is essentially what it means, the King of Peace.


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QUESTION:  You mentioned that there were Mundane Schools for each of the Lesser Brotherhoods. Is there one which you would recommend?


RICHARD:   I don’t presume to make such recommendations. When you are ready to undertake formal instructions you fall into association with the right school. You are drawn to it by mental attraction. Once you earnestly seek the real truth, a Brotherhood begins to put information sources alongside your path even though you are completely unaware of their influence. In retrospect, however, you can trace their guidance in your life.


Is Everyone in Stelle a Brother?


QUESTION:  Is everyone in Stelle a Brother?


RICHARD:   No. It is not necessary that we all be Brothers here. An important purpose of Stelle is to help people develop themselves to the point where they can become Brothers. Stelle is a place where people can part practice how to live the Lemurian Philosophy; how to govern themselves; how to take responsibility for themselves in the fullest sense; how to learn to be economically responsible; and how to learn how to resolve issues. These are very growth-gendering activities, which few of us experience in modern America where we are expected to turn our lives over to experts. Stelle is also responsible for developing the technology for our survival at the turn of the century, and that will be very educational. Ten to fifteen percent of those persons who make up the first city in the Nation of God are expected to come from among those who have evolved through the Stelle program.


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waste, But writing down the philosophy and making it ready for print, that would be practical. In other words, practicality isn’t limited to building or manufacturing something. It merely requires that you do something with ideas that you evolve so that somebody else can use them and benefit from them.


Is Everyone Who Attains Prerequisites for Initiation Approached by the Brotherhoods?


QUESTION:  Is everybody who attains the requisites of First Degree or some subsequent degree approached by a Brotherhood, even if the Brothers know in advance that a person does not intend to accept the degree and become a Brother?


RICHARD:   Yes. The person is entitled to know that he has achieved the requirements for a degree in the Brotherhoods.


QUESTION:  Let’s say you don’t choose to join and let’s say you get to the equivalent of Fourth Degree, do They keep approaching you every time?


RICHARD:   Yes, definitely. One of those times you’re going to agree to join. Moreover such persons almost always join the Brotherhood’s after their incarnation is over. The Brotherhood’s are more active on the Astral Plane than on the physical.


What Is the Great White Brotherhood?


QUESTION:  You referred earlier in your lecture about the Great White Brotherhood, could you explain what that is?


RICHARD:   The Great White Brotherhood consist of the heads of each of the Twelve Brotherhoods—the Seven Lesser and the Five Greater—in addition to Melchizedek. The Great White Brotherhood consist exclusively of only twelve Masters and one Archangel. Many times you may hear people refer to White Brotherhoods; but within the Brotherhoods, there is no such distinction as the White Brotherhoods. It seems to be a term which has been erroneously been adopted to distinguish the Brotherhoods from the so-called league of darkness. But there really is no such thing as the black Brotherhood because evil entities have never been able to organize themselves. They cannot decide between themselves who would be boss, and this has probably saved mankind. There are no black or white Brotherhoods. Their are Twelve Brotherhoods, and they each have their own specific ray. The Great White Brotherhood is also referred to as the Council of Thirteen. The Council of Seven refers to the Masters who each head the Seven Lesser Brotherhoods. The Council of Thirteen includes those seven plus a five Masters who are the heads of the Greater Brotherhoods.


Does the Head of a Brotherhood Ever Change?


QUESTION:  How does one become Head of a Brotherhood? Is there one head for the life of a Brotherhood, or are they changing?


RICHARD:   When a person becomes a Master within his or her Brotherhood, the newly recognized one all automatically becomes the head of that Brotherhood. Even if it were only for a couple of weeks until the next Master makes the grade. After a Master is replaced as the head of His Brotherhood, he becomes a member of the Order of Melchizedek, which is referred to in the New Testament’s “Epistle to Hebrews.“ For instance, both Mary and Jesus His mother, had been heads of the Essene Brotherhood.


Jesus achieved Mastership while Melchizadek was using his physical body, and Jesus became the head of the Essene Brotherhood at that time. Some centuries later on, Mary (who was already in Adept in the incarnation that she bore Jesus) achieved Mastership in a later incarnation. And then She became head of the Essene Brotherhood. They had moved its world headquarters to the Pyrenees Mountains by that time.


QUESTION:  In the Nation of God when more people began reaching Mastership, will a new Masters still be the head of the Brotherhood even if it is just for a few hours?


RICHARD:   Well we can hope that eventually there will be a few hundred people becoming Masters every day towards the end. At that point, the there will probably be other arrangements.


QUESTION:  When trying to become a Brother (or trying to become anything), it is useful to have an example or a model to get some idea of what it is you want to become. Are there any examples of Brothers, or well-known students of the Brotherhoods, that you know of?


RICHARD:   In The Ultimate Frontier is mentioned some of the founding fathers of the United States as being students of the Brotherhoods teachings. Particularly: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Monroe, and George Washington. None of these men had actually become Brothers yet, but they were students of Mundane Schools or of Emissaries. Brothers yet, but they were students of mundane schools or emissaries of the Brotherhoods. One of our presidents was an initiate, and that was Abraham Lincoln. He is the only one so far. In more modern times there were several Brothers that I know of: Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, and Harvey Firestone. Women Brothers that I know of were: Mary, the mother of Jesus; her cousin, Elizabeth, who was the mother of John the Baptist; Joan of Arc; and Lois, the mother of Timothy. So there are renowned ladies who are members of the Brotherhoods. There are about ten thousand Brothers in North America right now, and half of them are women.


Why Are the Five Greater Brotherhoods Not Named?


QUESTION:  Why are the Five Greater Brotherhoods not named?


RICHARD:   Well I am sure that they must have names, but I’ve not been told them.


QUESTION:  Have you read or heard anything about Their work? I’ve just heard general references to what they do.


RICHARD:   It is pretty easy to figure out what the lesser Brotherhood’s do because there is just so much to be done there: establishing steppingstone nations, cultures and all that sort of thing, it is pretty busy things. Essentially the Five Greater Brotherhoods protect our human life way. They help keep the planet’s forces balanced in regard to human affairs, and they find they fend off infringement of energies from outside the planet that might be harmful to us. They also do a great deal of answering prayer—things that don't require and an Angel, Archangel or God to do.


QUESTION:  So if we pray to the Elder Brothers we're essentially praying the Five Greater Brotherhoods?


RICHARD:   Not necessarily, Masters are Masters.


QUESTION:  It would seem that as each person reaches Mastership within a Lesser Brotherhood, then at some point he will move up the rung into one of the Five Greater Brotherhoods?


RICHARD:   That's not the way it goes. A Master who operates within a Lesser Brotherhood is of equal rank with the Master who operates within a Greater Brotherhood. The Eleventh Degree Brother who decides to become a Master in the Lesser Brotherhoods is required to incarnate one last time to develop a perfect physical body for his occasional use for many millennia hence.


QUESTION:  Due to my practice of the Twelve Great Virtue, I have figured out some things I have to acquire to become a Brother. But what negative traits have to be removed to become a Brother?


RICHARD:   We keep pointing out all the things that a person should be and there are some things which obviously are the opposite of what it is that we say you should be then that is something that you have to remove. You remove the negative by acquiring a positive.


What is the Brotherhoods Viewpoint on Tobacco?


QUESTION:     Well, for example, do some Brotherhoods smoke tobacco?


RICHARD:      I suppose that some might. There is nothing immoral about smoking, but it is detrimental to most smoker's health and also to the health of those around him. If you want to use tobacco in the privacy of your home, that's all right in Stelle. But you are expected not to smoke in the presence of other people and especially never expose children to smoke since they are particularly vulnerable physiologically, and also they tend to copy what they see adults do. Smoking is not going to keep you from becoming a Brother but it certainly makes it more difficult. Smoking prevents your having full use of the red blood cells because so much hemoglobin is tied up by carbon monoxide. Chronic reduced oxygen levels in the brain causes continuous high-level dying of brain cells and also makes your whole body age more rapidly. The likelihood of a smoker attaining the ultra-aware brain state of the mystic is drastically reduced. Some smokers get ulcers from swallowing their saliva, and smoking has been proven to increase the risk of cancer, and to harm people’s lung in several different ways. It is also not good for people in our society who are middle aged because their cardiovascular systems are not able to handle it well. However, some smokers make use of tobacco’s specific effect of reducing sex drive and sexual sensations. And of course there are exceptional people who live to be a hundred and five smoking a cigar and drinking a shot of her whiskey every day thinking that's their formula for longevity. We definitely discourage smoking of anything in Stelle, and we find that people give up self-destructive habits from other areas of their lives, and so we are patient with the few who smoke. Their health and mental acuity improves after giving up, and they then understand the price they have been paying for smoking.


Can a Person Mess Up Their Life Plan?


QUESTION:     Can you mess up your own timetable that you planned for your incarnation?


RICHARD:      You could step in front of a speeding truck at any time you choose. All you have to do is go to a place where there are speeding trucks. You decide when to incarnate, and you decide when to decarnate, whether by disease, suicide, old age, or whatever.


Is the Brain or Mind Divided Up According to the Five Emotions?


QUESTION:     I’m interested in emotion as a quality of Mind. In one of your Observation you mentioned that there were five basic emotions. Is the emotional quality of your Egoic Mind or your brain's emotion center actually divided up into five different categories or regions?


RICHARD:      No, we define it into categories. Mind is a the power of the Fourth Plane of Existence, and was separated into categories to understand and study it. It would just be too complicated as one big chunk. Certain of these mental activities are emotions, which we also call feelings. We call them feelings because there are such strong physiological responses to those particular kinds of thoughts. For instance, when you think the thought which is fearful your body noticeably responds with flight-fight readiness, increased pulse rate, high adrenaline line levels, dry mouth, wet skin, etc. We can feel that bodily response; so we refer to it as a feeling. Emotions seem to be those kinds of thoughts, which are associated with those kinds of physiological feelings. The vast majority of our thoughts don't give rise to those kinds of feelings. They are analytical or decisional thoughts. In order to get anything done, fire your will with desire, but if a strong desire thwarted, you experience frustration, and that can give rise to the emotion of grief.


QUESTION:     So then emotions are kind of a continuum?


RICHARD:      Well you pick out any given spot and you give it a name. But it does seem to correlate the things which people can recognize. If you talk about fear or love, almost everybody will come up with pretty much parallel conclusions as to what those things actually are. So we assume that they're quite universal. Because people regardless of where ever they are in the world all seem to have these.


How Do Higher Beings Relate to Human Emotions?


QUESTION:     You once wrote that Masters, Angels, and Archangels play down grief, fear and anger in themselves and emphasize joy, and awe. Is sadness an emotion which angels would feel? Would they feel sadness about some of the things the human race has gotten itself into? Or is this something which they would eliminate?


RICHARD:      I think it would be hard for them to experience personal emotions of a situations which you get yourself into even though they would compassionately help you. Christ is often been referred to as a “man of sorrows” because of His lament over the foolishness of mankind and the fact that man won't listen to the truth even when it is given to them by God. I don't know that He would allow himself to feel sorrow, because grief is associated with a sense of personal loss—either something that you desire to have being blocked or something that you had is lost. That produces grief, which is kind of the opposite of joy, when you get something which is a surprise or something. I find it very difficult to picture an Archangel concentrating on grief. Christ is the veriest embodiment of love and joy. The painful psychological responses to grief and sorrow are such that you can't even breathe straight, can't relax, and you can't think clearly since your thoughts are dominated by anger, grief, and loss. The Bible relates at one point that Jesus wept, but many kinds of intense emotions can produce tears. Tears of joy anticipation, exaltation, love, and awe can be just as copious as those of grief.


Did Melchizedek Cry to Release His High-Powered Vibrations in a Human Body?


QUESTION:     Since Melchizedek was using Jesus' physical body and he was breaking it down because of His high-powered vibrations, could letting His body cry be like a release mechanism that would be helpful?


RICHARD:      Well, He did have to deal with that living body, but all the kinds of things that were programmed into that living body would be beyond my knowledge to talk about. I don't know how Eleventh Degree Brothers developed Their brains and bodies and what kind of things Archangels can do.


When Was the Council of Seven Started?


QUESTION:     You know when the Council of Seven was started?


RICHARD:      It couldn't have been before 5000 years ago. Whenever they had at that time obvious they would be missing some of them. I don't know that it was even started then. Because the Thirteen School was the one that really kind of keeping everything together at that time. After they got established a little bit better and the Plan to initiate the Nation of God was very strongly finalize, which I guess was pretty much right about sixty-seven hundred years ago. Then there had to be some kind of coordinating body but at first I got the impression they're really wasn't much to coordinate. In the early centuries it seems like the Hermetic School had the brunt of the load. Meanwhile the oldest of the Seven Lesser Brotherhoods was delving mostly in to the theoreticals. What kind of things had to be avoided and what kind of strong points had to be emphasized, what were the minimums that were necessary in order for it be a success. But the Hermetics were deeply involved in working with human beings and they didn't have any competition in that area until the Essenes and the Brahmic were established, which was a full thousand years later.


As a coordinating body which is a subsection of the already coordinative of activities of the Great White Brotherhoods, I see their special usefulness being related to bringing about the physical aspects of the great plan to begin the nation of god. The council seven could be a fairly recent development. It may be only a hundred years old—or less, for that matter.


But I have no information as to how long the Council of Seven has existed, nor how long Quong has been the Head of the Lemurian Brotherhood. It seems to me, there would be other persons coming up who would be taking His place, but maybe just for this 100 years He is concentrating on that. I have a question in mind next time I run into John or Doctor White.


QUESTION:     You know what activities may be directly sponsored by the Council of Seven?


RICHARD:      No, I don't. I have my hands full with the one thing that I do know about. So do all of us here, for that matter.


DO You Know the Names of Any Members of the Council of Seven?


QUESTION:     Do you know the names of any of the people on the Council of Seven?


RICHARD:      Only one, and that's Quong. He's the head of the Lemurian Brotherhood as well as the Chief of the Council of Seven.


QUESTION:     Does He stay the head during this period of time, or does He have to give up His post to the next Master coming in?


How Long Is the Lemurian Brotherhood in Charge of the Seven Lesser Brotherhoods?


RICHARD:      He is a very special case. The work that His Brotherhood has been specializing in for two hundred and ten centuries has now come to the point where it is all but been put into operation. Moreover, He is a pretty high ranking individual among all Masters.  He was the only person who was Emperor of Lemuria twice, and obviously a very keen intellect.  How long He has been the Head of the Lemurian brotherhood, I'm not certain, and, of course, He would probably have to be the Head of the Lemurian Brotherhood now in order for Him to sit on the Council of Seven.  But inasmuch as the Lemurian Brotherhood from 1936 on, is to be in charge of all the activities of the Seven Lesser Brotherhoods for one hundred years, He will remain as chairman for that period.  It is significant that since 1936, the Lemurian Brotherhood has been the only Brotherhood initiating anybody and granting subsequent degrees.  He is commander-in-chief of all the earthly activities of the Lesser Brotherhoods.  Of course, he then sits on the Council of thirteen. He is outranked by its Chairman, Melchizedek.


Who Staffed the Great Plan?


QUESTION:     Who did the staffing of the Great Plan with personnel? Do you remember that key date?


RICHARD:    It was in February of 1962.  Ultimately it would have been the Council of Seven because logically everyone would come through them but like all things that encompass likely millions of individuals, it is too big for those seven persons to have a finger on every person's activities.  The head of the Ford Motor Co. has two hundred forty thousand employees.  It would be impossible or even unreasonable to imagine that he would know what everybody's doing not just on the ground level, people that have no rank whatsoever, they're just workers, but those who are assistants, foremen, and above.  He would have no idea of what they are or what they do.  That's all broken down step-by-step in an organizational hierarchy


Did Jeane Dixon See That In Her Dream?


QUESTION:     Is at the same date that corresponded with Jeane Dixon's prediction?


RICHARD:      As a matter of fact it was. It was also an occasion of a very special conjunction of planets, an unusual alignment of planets. It hasn’t happened for a long, long time and it won’t again for another couple of thousand years. But that was why they picked that date because it was so unique, and everybody would be aware of it.


QUESTION:     What does the date February of 1962 represent? I’m not clear?


RICHARD:      The table of organization for getting the Great Plan completed had long been worked out in advance, but all of the slots had to be peopled by workers—the people who are actually going to make it all happen. Those assignments were made on that date in 1962. That was the occasion of a grand concordance of all of the Brotherhoods. Everyone who was an Initiate or higher was involved in the meeting, which was conducted telepathically—a communion of Saints.