What Kind of Sexual Mores Will Be Observed in the Nation of God?


Question:     What kind of sexual mores will be observed in the Nation of God?


Answer:       Little information has been given me with regard to this question. The degree of wisdom with which the people conduct their sexual lives will of course depend upon the level of Egoic development they have attained. For eons, cultures throughout the world have arrived at widely differing ways of dealing with sexual morality. These mores have been shaped and motivated by the special needs and characteristics of the societies in which they developed. Workable solutions for one society may wreak havoc in another, and perhaps for this reason the Brotherhoods have declined to make indelible statements regarding the proper way to conduct oneself in this area. However, one can say with certainty that children, who are the future of any civilization, must be regarded as uppermost in importance. There can be no excuse for penalizing children by subjecting them to the emotional difficulties involved when their parents divorce, often forcing the mother to earn a living outside the home. Birth control pills have caused a revolution in the mores of our time. Eventually the furor will settle down into an entirely new pattern, but I cannot predict what that pattern will be. The most important consideration is that marriage contracts be honored if children have resulted from the marriage. (02-1972)