Purpose of the Nation of God


Q:      So, the continent which is rising will develop the civilization to give people the best chance for advancement?


RK:    Right. First you have to get a couple of million of those people [Initiates] together to act as a kind of strong lever to begin to uplift the rest of the world. One of the objects of creating a Nation of God is to have a place where there are a multitude of such individuals living life is an example that anybody would want to emulate wherever they were in the world and then giving that information in sort of a Peace Corps program that would go on for centuries to help the rest of the world move up as rapidly as possible. Even if it that only means meeting the basic needs of all the people on the planet. I am talking about housing, energy, food, etc., which we have not yet accomplished in this day and age. I should think that within one-hundred years after the [earth-] changes that occur that we can have the rest of the world technologically as well-advanced as what America has today—the best of what America has today. Those kinds of aids to comfort and health and productivity would be available throughout the world with the training to use it effectively. The philosophy of the Lemurian civilization is one where we all have an obligation to help as much as possible those people who are ready to advance themselves.


The whole purpose of any civilization is to advance Egoically; that is the way the system was designed. That is why civilizations are important. They do not necessarily have to be urban. There is not a direct correlation between urban and civilized. We do have this obligation to help uplift everyone of every race wherever they may be in order to constantly deal with their environment, to have a philosophy which is as close as possible to ultimate reality so that they are dealing with facts instead of myths, however beautiful the myths may be over the reality. Reality is the only effects that we deal with. Truth will always get you more rapidly to where you want to go than any myth. We do have that obligation, and that is one of the principle reasons for setting up the Nation of God to act as that Peace Corps. That is why it is so urgent that we get started.


I was talking last night at the Open House, for the members of the Group, that the end of the Roman civilization which has been extant now for about twenty-three hundred years is about to occur at the end of this century. That will be the end of it. But, there has to be another civilization, presumably better, to take over with some entirely different concepts: not as patriarchal, not based on power and prestige. But rather, cooperation and the achievement of all the things that we need by everybody working with one another rather than somebody trying to set themselves up as being of “finer clay” somehow because they happen to have more power and money. The philosophy that gives rise to that will be diminished. Some of the things that Reich talks about are central to that also.


The best of the matriarchal cultures and the best of the patriarchal cultures have to be blended in to the Lemurian culture again which is what the principle distinction was of the Lemurian culture: a blend of those two world views. They are very distinct from one another, but they are formed from a balance. If any culture goes too far in one direction, they tend to lose ground. Even though our warlike characteristics in this civilization gave rise to technology, now that we have technology, all we have to do is hang on to it. The thing that gave rise to it, which is to be superior in war, will no longer be necessary. We can sustain it. We will look at things differently. Now, the world will still be the same: the animals are not going to change, the plants will be the same, the air like it always was, the stars will still be there, but how we look at them has to be changed. It will be like a culture from another planet just because of that. All of us were in Lemuria once. All of us have incarnated there at least once and most of here as well. We remember, somewhere deep inside of us, that it can be better than what it is.


We all want justice, we all want fairness, and the only reason people reach out to grab more than was “their due” was because of their fear that somebody would take it away from them first if they do not do it to somebody first. When we can remove those kinds of fears, nobody will be lacking in their basic needs, then the incentive or the seeming drive to operate against other people or create warlike situations will just fade away. To some people that may sound overly idealistic, but in thinking it through, I think that it is possible. I am willing to do my part to give it a chance to see if it can be done that way. (01-1983)