How Is Manufacturing Determined?


Q:          In the book, on the chapter about economics, you talked about, and I am going to quote, “Under the guidance of the Brotherhoods, the manufacturers will decide on the most capable and efficient way of reproducing any given item.” This board of engineers and manufacturers, how would they be chosen? what would be the checks-and-balances that they would have to ensure that they are fairly ? of everyone? who would be responsible for setting up the standards?


RK:        I don’t know exactly how it will occur. For such a board to operate, all you need is people who are not trying to promote their own self-interest of the expense of somebody else. It requires a different attitude of mind that what we find in our industrial society in America here today. The agency that is the check-and-balance is the Brotherhoods, who are able to perceive what is in the person’s true intent and to know whether or not a person can be trusted with such a position. That may sound idealistic, but there is no way for anybody to lie to a council of Brothers. You can try it, but you would be immediately detected. One of the characteristics of the clairvoyant is that the knows immediately when a person is being dishonest with him. So, that is the principle check-and-balance.



How Is the Markup Determined?


Q:          In the book, you talk about the markup of 12%, and how that each firm is responsible to pay the ten percent tithe. What happens to the other two percent?


RK:        That is the profit.


Q:          That’s the profit. The company/corporation keeps that? Is that where the money comes from for growth and expansion?


RK:        And, for bonuses and things like that. A corporation has no need of growing at the expense of some competitor. The main way is to redistribute that which people have earned back to the people who earned it. The object of a corporation is for people with various skills to combine their efforts to maximize a monetary return on their efforts.


              There will be no way a corporation or family can setup a dynasty to eventually come to be in competition with the people who are members of the nation. And, furthermore, when you have all you need, why do you need more? A tycoon or plutocrat, I can’t see would even fit in. That is a highly patriarchal kind of concept that you have to have so much power to even cause other people to do what you want just the way that you want them to do it, or to take their job away from them or cause them economic privation or send them off to war. Those kinds of things would not be there.


              That all comes from insecurities built into a child when he doesn’t have the love and nurturance that gives him a sense of being secure, loved, and really happy in his society. Those are the kinds of situations that allow a person to feel secure. In today’s society, one-upmanship is very important among contending males. It doesn’t take long before it expands to the females, too. In matriarchal societies that is totally foreign to them. They can’t even understand what we are talking about when we say such things. All of Lemuria recognizes that people are all born the same way, and no one has any inherent power from another source that this person must do this and this person must do that, and everybody has to be controlled by a human. There are no ways to force people like that. They just won’t go along with it.


              Today’s society programs people to obey. You program them through their parents, your teachers in the school, your professors, your legislators, your mayor, your president; you are programmed to obey and not necessarily think for yourself. Many specialists—doctors, educators, lawyers—are all educated to tell people, “You can’t handle this. You are not competent to handle all of these different things. You don’t know how to teach your child. You don’t know how to learn the law by yourself, you can’t heal yourself, you don’t know how to help yourself. This is important, so let’s turn this over to us: we, who are your specialists.” And, they all manage to get legislation to reinforce that more and more, so that you become more and more dependent on specialists. You have been conditioned to obey all of these things.


              I don’t mean that you are supposed to go out and have civil rioting and things of that sort to overcome that. Just think for yourself. Think out all the basics all by yourself. It takes a long time and it is a drag, but we here at Stelle are doing this by reexamining all the things that somebody said, “Well this is just prima facia evidence. It is a priori. What else can you do? It has always been that way.” But, when you look at other cultures and other ways of thinking about things, they don’t adhere to any of those ideas. Somehow or other, they have a happy existence. So, a lot of people think for themselves. It gives rise to some interesting kinds of discussions, but at the same time, because you have been conditioned to obey, you are in an entirely different attitudinal space than the person does that which is needed to be done because it is there before him and he does it. (04-1981)