What Is the Court System in the Nation of God?


Question:   Will there be a court system in the Nation of God?


Answer:     Yes, but its purpose will not be to determine absolutely the guilt or innocence of an individual in order to sentence him to some punishment. People will not be incarcerated in the Nation of God. The object of the judge and jury will be to develop an agreement for restitution which is mutually satisfactory to the injured party and the person charged with the misdeed, This kind of system requires a great deal of good will from the citizenry and the courts, and in Lemuria it worked remarkably well. The citizens of Lemuria knew that Universal Law exacts payment for misdeeds if human beings fail to agree, and the wisdom of settling matters to everyone’s satisfaction was evident to all. The punishment handed down by Lemurian courts if an individual proved himself incorrigible was exile from the Continent. (05-1971)