New Age – Extent of Influence


Q:      Is there any chance of the whole “New Age” movement type thing that they are into making a quantum leap in the level of consciousness of the planet so that we can make the quantum leap where everything becomes finer and we can become part of a whole new consciousness? Is there any chance of that actually occurring in reality? Or is that just some sort of a plant to throw a lot of the great people’s energies?


RK:    I think it is going to be real, but not for the entire population of the world or even for the population of the United States. For some people, that is their reality. That is their world-view. That is how they are going to live. They will find others to combine with in order to actually do it. There is a new civilization aborning. It is really happening. It is starting to gather together. Many people came into incarnation now who knew exactly how to do that: to start civilization. They have done it many times before in the past. They get a great deal of satisfaction out of setting something like this into motion. Have the kind of morality necessary to fight the negativities that are being put on us today by the forces of evil acting through men who choose to impose evil on others and we have to be able to stand aside and be a person unto ourselves and not be influenced by that sort of thing. Stand up to it and find others who are willing to do the same thing and say we are not going to go the path or Perdition. We have other greater things to do more important in the greater sense of the word, and if it also happens to coincide with Christ’s idea for mankind, great. Christ will use any of use who are willing to do that. There are a lot of people in the world who are very, very good people who want to see civilization grow who have only just heard of Christ: people in different parts of the world who were born in places where Christianity is not popular. If you happen to be educated enough to read about Christians and what they do well then you have to have heard about Christ and maybe do not know much about Him. If you live Christ’s principles, if you are a person of love, then you are part of what He wants to Create whether you have heard of Him or not.


The next thing we have to do is do it. As I say, what is necessary for it to occur is already happening. It has been happening for a score of years at least already. Maybe you are definitely going to be seeing something pretty fantastic occurring. It is not going to be for the whole world because most of the world is going to be destroyed. This great purification is probably very essential. (03-1983)