Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals


Q:     There was no human beings before homo sapiens?


RK:  Well, they were two different races of human beings in the world at the time that the Lemurian civilization began. The ones that we call the Neanderthal’s were wiped out about twenty-five thousand years ago. Maybe not that long ago.


Q:     I want to ask you, where did you get that? Your Teachers told you that, obviously? That  there were two? That Neanderthals had—


RK:  Neanderthals had the same elements of culture that homo sapiens did.


Q:     But soulless or—?


RK:  No. They had souls.


Q:     But, their brain was different.


RK:  Well sure, but not necessarily worse or less, but different.


Q:     So, you think that initially that Egos incarnated in both those races what we know as the Neanderthal race—


RK:  They are not that different. As a matter of fact, they were able to interbreed. There are skeletons that indicate, without any question, that interbreeding did occur. There has been some wonderful work done in Israel for the past two decades where they found the two intermingled. As a matter of fact, they worked side-by-side, maybe not all that friendly because, eventually, the Neanderthals were wiped out: they do not exist anywhere in the world. There are some Neanderthal traits which still persisted in different parts of the world.


Q:     What is their evolution?


RK:  Southern France is the place that has a lot of Neanderthal characteristics still in racial stock, but they are all homo sapiens now. They both used fire, they both used weapons, they both cultivated the soil, both were hunters, both had religions. They had different burial rituals, but they have both buried their people with artifacts for use in, obviously, another lifetime later, and probably enough clairvoyance among both homo sapiens and Neanderthal for them to recognize that there is a spirit world. Clairvoyants are able to see the spirits. But, they were two distinct species. There is only one species now and that is homo sapiens.


Q:     Were both of those species existent in Lemuria?


RK:  No. There were in different parts of the world. There was only homo sapiens in Lemuria.


Q:     So, all the twelve tribes were homo sapiens?


RK:  It is really a pity that there are no Neanderthals left. I think we could have learned a lot. Their boney structure was quite different. They were much more heavily musculatured. They were extremely strong compared to homo sapiens.


Q:     Nevertheless, homo sapiens have extreme body types and strength like the cave-dwellers. They were able to take a five-hundred pound animal and climb up the side of a cliff or wherever they were going.


RK:    Right. Those were big men. They were people who were seven feet tall and shoulders this wide. The adults weighed two-hundred and fifty pounds and it is was all muscle, no fat.


Q:     What were the Atlanteans, Neanderthal or homo sapiens?


RK:  They were strictly homo sapiens. It seemed like right around the Mediterranean Basin is where the Neanderthals lived; all three sides: the south, east, and north.


Q:     Did the original Egos incarnated, did they incarnate into those Neanderthal bodies or was that—conceivably, there could have been some sort of—


RK:    I am inclined to suspect that—there seems to be some evidence that the Neanderthals were not able to speak because they did not have a “voice box” like we had and it seemed to me that perhaps some entities who would normally have incarnated into just homo sapiens, which was the original design, somehow or other were able to crossover and occupy those bodies. But, I do not think that an Ego is able to do as much in a Neanderthal body as they would in a homo sapien body. There are remarkable efforts at culture, just amongst chimpanzees. There is a lot of things that they are able to do: they do not use fire, but they have learned how to make and use tools, and they have quite a complex social structure. I suppose that some human Egos might even choose to function through such animals in some limited way, but they do not have the brain centers necessary for a true Ego connection.


RK:  The Cro-Magnon invasion that occurred, which essentially sounded the death-knell of the Neanderthals, came from Atlantis. They were definitely Atlantean. Cro-Magnon is one of the best examples of the higher levels of homo sapien’s development.


Q:     But, there really are people who have those kinds of things?


RK:  Yes. The Basque people in Western Spain and some parts of France.


Q:     Do you mean Cro-Magnon?


RK:  The Basque and the Cro-Magnon are the same.


Q:     Did you say, “krow-mag-non?” [phonetic]


RK:  Yes, “krow-mag-non” is the English pronunciation.


Q:     They are direct descendants of Atlantis, aren’t they?


RK:  Right. So are the Cherokee. There were Atlanteans that were brought to this country as an agricultural colony: grow more food for Atlantis.


Q:     Are there a lot of them in Virginia?


RK:    Yes, Virginia and the Carolinas and Georgia. They are not like the Plains Indians who are a strong mixture of Asiatic.