Comments on Nazism as a Religion


There are many predictions that the religious based wars in France, in particular, will shed the blood of literally millions of Christians as the Church established by the Antichrist will, which will be very much like the Nazi religion, and most people really are not aware that Nazism was more of a religion than anything else so far as the way Hitler used it. Nazism derives its name from the National Socialist Workers’ Party, but Nazism as the philosophy was really strongly anti-Christian, strongly anti-scientific, and pro-killing and dying for the great forces that are in control of the world, which were essentially satanic in the background. So it was a religion of black arts. The SS were primarily the priests and ministers of all that, and most of these kinds of things came out during the Nuremberg Trials and they didn’t even want to address them mainly because they couldn’t understand them. They tried people on entirely different charges, mainly because they just couldn’t understand the kinds of thinking or philosophy that was essentially satanic. They didn’t want to get into that at all. The lawyers and the jurists literally couldn’t understand that sort of thing. They didn’t want to get into it at all, and so they avoided the subject, but it kept coming up over and over again: “Why was I motivated to do this? Because it was part of my religion.” I mean, you know, the idea of making one single massacre throughout all of Europe of 750,000 gypsies that had been rounded up. That was the Agarthi Tibetans who came to Berlin to guide Hitler in these ways of getting the backing of the, say the well, the devil forces of the world to help him to achieve power and dominion and success and conquest. He made a sacrifice of those gypsies.