Buying Influence in the Universities


Now, a great deal of money is required to do all of this. In Great Britain, the Cecil Rhoads, and the Rothschild fortunes are the ones that have been used. In this country, it would be Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller. The foundations that they have established decides where that foundation money is going to go and there are literally billions of dollars available.


As an example of how they use that money—there is a professor who is philosophically where they want him to be. They did not convert him, he just is thinking in that way, so they are going to promote him. They say to a particular university that we would like to give you several tens of millions of dollars. We would also, in order to do this, like to have this particular gentleman as the professor heading the chair of Sociology or History or Religion. That is how it is done. It is very simple. Nobody is bribed. It was just a kind of a deal. It has goes on that way in the churches and in the universities for quite some time.