Who Is Behind the NWO?


In Europe the higher nobility and the royalty of those countries, even those members of royal families that are no longer in power, ruling individuals are still pretenders to the thrones of those nations which are now people’s republics or democracies.


They have believed, down from the Middle Ages to the present time, a theory that Mary Magdalene, after the crucifixion of Christ, came to southern France, near the area of Marseilles. She was brought there by a number of other Christians and reportedly was pregnant with the child of Christ. This is what they believe now and it is to their advantage to believe it. The royalty and nobility of today want to believe it because they believe that they are the direct descendants of Christ through Mary Magdalene.


These folks have a club, which has been going on for centuries and centuries, where they are talking about how they need to get back to being in control over these soiled masses that are running around and who keep occupying space and using up food. It is their concern, like the club of Rome, who are futurists, who say that a billion people are as much as this world can handle. You have got to get the population back down to a billion. These people really feel that they have the divine right to guide and control mankind and really, in some way, establish the fact that they are superior. One of the things that really bothers them is these people, who in the United States, for instance, and in other parts of Europe, who can make $100,000 a year, which is probably more than the nobility can earn.


They say, “Who are these people? What right do they have to act in a way that gives them somebody who will look up to them and say, ‘My goodness. These people are rich. They have lot of money.’ They should be looking up to the nobility, not to nouveau riche, for instance.” And Americans who make good money can accumulate millions—and there are tens of thousands of Americans who are millionaires. Now, “Who do these people think they are? We are the ones who are of the divine descendancy. We are the ones who should be controlling things.” And they have formed an alliance with the very super super rich banking houses of Europe. In many cases they have intermarried with these very super rich people for the past couple of generations.