How the NWO Corrupts the Masses


Let me give you an idea of how the people who want to take control do this. They say that if they can get one-thousand professors and writers and bishops, or what you, to write and preach a certain view of things, then there is maybe three-hundred thousand teachers, journalists, and ministers who listen to what these key figures have to say, then pass that along to the other two-hundred million of us. There is a theory that these people have of what is to be and how it is to become that way. In other words, the intellectual elite are sought out and given positions of power within. If they are journalists, they are given high positions. If they are teachers and professors, they are given top notch positions within universities and other aspects of academia. If they are church people, they end up being appointed to the highest positions. That is how they are changing the way of thinking in the United States. Just by that one-thousand people that are under their control.


I would say control mainly because they do not tell the true motivations to most of these people. They have a beautiful theory of how mankind can go better and do better if only this New World Order were brought in to being.


There is a term that they have been using for a long time called, “capturing the robes.” In other words, the judges, the high religious figures, and professors. This is part of the idea of trickle-down mind-control. You have heard of trickle-down economics. This is trickle down mind control. You control some people at the top and eventually the concepts will eventually get down to "Joe Blow" or "Joe Sixpack." The main concern really is to completely upset the present views of civilization, so that people will accept a whole different way of organizing socially throughout the world. The United States is one of those targets.


I just do not like what is behind it. I guess when I was younger, I myself said, “This is the way the world should be. We should have just one religious belief—actually mine. We should have one language so that everybody will understand it.” Naturally I wanted English because I would not have to learn another language.


But that is the kind of enthusiasm of youth that does not look into the idea of everybody has a right to do things their way. They love their own country, they love their local areas, they like doing things their way and their traditions and their treasured ideas of what life should be like as something that should be permitted everybody even though it is different. Making everybody into one unified way of thinking and doing and being and working and spending money, that really is wrong. The world loses its balance. It loses the opportunity to explore ideas which may be better, but which are not necessarily currently popular.