What Is the Illuminati?


Q:      What is the Illuminati?


RK:    What is the Illuminati? I will try to give a little background. That might take awhile. There was a fellow by the name of Adam Wieshaupt, who, back in 1776, which was a pretty easy date for most Americans to remember. He was living in Bavaria, which has since become part of Germany, and he started a group of people who had the idea of creating a one-world government. Unfortunately, he started with the idea that he was going to be the ruler of this one-world government. He outlined a plan by which to accomplish this which really was brilliantly thought out. He spent five or six years, or something like that, thinking about how to do it. Apparently, he noted that the Masonic Lodges of the world had some really good ideas and decided to use their idealism, as it were, to capture their attention. He promoted himself as being a person who had information of what the next step up in Mosaic mysteries and created yet a higher number of degrees in the Illuminati; the Illuminati being apparently the illumed ones, the brilliant ones. He proposed, to these lodges throughout the world, who were then the Masons, that he would let them in on some of these higher mysteries. The fact, of course, is that he used the Masons, since there were quite a few important people who were part of the Mosaic Order back then. As a matter of fact, just about all of the people who were in the Continental Congress, that signed the Declaration of Independence, happened to be members of the Masonic Order. Most all our presidents of the United States have been members of the Masonic Order. So, obviously, the people who were doers and people interested in promoting idealistic concepts in some practical way, were there ready to use. It also came out, later on, that once he got the Masons to take over the various governments for him that the first people who he had to get rid of, of course, were the Masons who helped him do it because they were too dangerous to have around. That kind of gives you an idea of his mindset in how he did things. (08-1981)