What Do the Bilderbergers and Council on Foreign Relations Groups Do?


Q:         You mentioned a few groups, there are all groups in this world that have a lot of control that are not, well they donít expose themselves to the masses in general. This country has also had various groups that had a lot of control that most people never hear about. How would you identify the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers?


RK:      Well, those are people who have a great deal of power and a great deal of wealth and who have found ways by getting together to protect common interests. In many cases there are a few leaders, among these groups, which really see themselves as a kind of a protective society for their interests. There are, nevertheless, a few of them who really do desire to dominate all persons throughout the whole world; to make of the world a slave camp, or letís say, a big ant heap, and we all do our assigned tasks. And, if we rebel, we just disappear. The prototype of what they hope to set up has been established in the communist countries and, indeed, they are wealthy people, the incredibly super-rich, the ones who have promoted these experiments, who have managed to dominate Russia and China, and that is not what is readily apparent. They promote the idea of seducing people through drugs, sort of a general spreading of immorality, a lack of concern for other people, me first, or me only kind of attitude.


I find it difficult to go to movies these days because I am exposed to just an incredible amount of garbage along with some very fascinating kinds of humor, or interesting story lines, all of which keeps diminishing us. I mean I feel I can resist it but at the same time, I notice that I have finally gotten to the point where I accept it because I cannot fight it any longer, and that, I recognize as being the first step towards eventually embracing such a thing and I know that I have to fight that, but a lot of people have no idea that they need to fight it. They just accept whatever is happening. In spite of the millions upon millions of dollars which are spent on stamping out the incoming influx of drugs of all sorts, marijuana, and things that are far worse than that, in spite of all that, we just cannot keep up with it. Of course, I have read that most of these agencies which are supposed to stop such traffic are merely cutting out the competition from those organizations who are bringing in drugs who have the protection of the government, or people high in the government, So all of the enforcement agencies are directed against the competitors of those who have the inside track from the government. On several occasions I have read that the tobacco industry really wants, desires strongly, to have the government approve their sale of marijuana legally, but, so far, most of the people in The United States, those who are older, are resisting such an action. Why would the tobacco industry want to sell marijuana to people? I mean, it is certainly going to cut down, presumably, the high cost of the stuff while it is illicit. But, if they can make it legal, then they probably can give up most of the tobaccos and switch to marijuana.


I, for one, see something a little bit more devilish behind that than would appear to be just because people want it and they want to provide commercially that which people seek to have. Who has been developing this appetite for it? Who has been promoting it? I mean Cheech and Chong are not on the screen just because we just love to see people intoxicated and falling all over themselves and doing stupid things just because they are using marijuana. Those people are put there to promote a desire or an acceptability of things of that sort.