National Security Council


RICHARD:  Yes, you know, there seems to be pretty good evidence that he [Richard Nixon] was ousted—that Watergate was created to punish Nixon for things that he was doing and saying that were against the interests of the—Eisenhower used the term, Industrial-Military Complex, which also involves the banking system. The Eastern Establishment has been known to actually dictate what goes on in this country and how it is to be done. The National Security Council is the one who actually runs the Office of the Presidency. The President has to go along with that sort of thing and, as a matter of fact, some presidents—let us say Bush was always interested in what is going on and he worked with the National Security Council. Reagan—it was so against his views of how things should be done that he would just fall asleep during those meetings. Whatever he said really did not mean anything one way or the other because the decisions were going to be made by the National Security Council. So, you think, “Oh. I am the President. I am in charge of the country.” Well, think again fellow. You just have your job to do and you better stick with the things that are being laid out to be done and these are the policies and it does not matter any difference who the president is. (07-1993)