Q:      How can you make yourself aware of the mechanism and do it? What I am talking about is willing yourself to be aware of what you are doing and getting out your body essentially.


RK:    That was the first question that the lady asked, “Why can’t you be aware of everything which is in your Egoic memory?” Why can’t you do that all the time? There is an inherent block that you can learn how to penetrate. Once you have learned how to do that, you are essentially clairvoyant: you have learned how to impress on your brain information which you are picking up Egoically at another place. Say, for instance, while your body is asleep and you, as an Ego, are traveling elsewhere on the Astral Plane, which is what all of do all the time when we are asleep. Our Egoic Mind is never shut off. As a matter of fact, the brain never stops functioning except that we, as Egos, are not aware of what our brain is doing when we are someplace else. It is just going through its normal self-correcting processes which are accomplished much through dreaming and other things which happen all the time inside the brain. We are aware of what is going on in the brain, on a conscious level, only at the time that we are controlling our body when it is in its awake state. Indeed, many activities that are going on in our brains never come to our conscious awareness; just never do.


          Intuition, for instance, where we process information that we already have stored away in our memory-banks through a normally logical process, never comes to the awareness. Intuition is a process that is going on beneath the awareness of the conscious filter. It will sometimes bring an answer that we are looking for just like it is thought into existence all at once. We are not aware of a conscious process that we are going through when we come up with a logical answer, because we did not go through a conscious process of logic. It is the subliminal parts of our brain which are able to do that for us without going through the desire, step-by-step, to process it in order to get that answer. And yet, we are able to recognize, “Hey, that is pretty good.” And then you can go back and test it with the things that you do know and say, “I sure am glad that I got the inspiration to do that because I never would have thought of it otherwise.” And, it is now something which you can test logically. (11-1981)