A Brief History of Merlin


Merlin was a Druidic priest who was quite adept at the things that a true magician or wizard should know. He was one of the few who was known for his abilities. He did not do magic tricks or anything like that. Much of the story of how he educated the boy, Arthur, would probably indicate the degree of wisdom that he had and the techniques he had available to really get some very important points across. All the beautiful metaphysics that could have been put into the book, Morte D’Arthur, have been left out. It was a beautiful vehicle for dealing with that. It may be that there is some other kind of publication that the author put out that, and there has been speculation along this line, that filled in all the hints that were presented in the book, which has become the popular version that children read today.


I am not thinking that Merlin was a black occult or a grey occult. I do not think the terminology is particularly applicable. He was a person who was very sensitive to and could command the forces of Nature, to the extent that any good Brujo in a primitive society should be able to do. The term that they use is, “witch doctor:” a person who cures individuals through mental means or through just being able to redirect negative energies away from a body and to direct positive energy toward the sick portion. All of us have that ability to do that. It is inherent within us to be able to do it, but most of us do not know the techniques of how to do it or have the will to do it or the belief to be able to do it. Therefore, we do not do it.


Like in Carlos Castendas books, the brujo he talks about, Don Juan, has an insight into the forces of nature and a visualization of those forces. Therefore, he could manipulate them to a certain extent. He also knew the power of imagination.