What Causes Mental Retardation in Children?


Q:      I would like to ask a little bit about mental retardation: how does it arise, what might be some of the karmic implications of it, how is it handled by the Stelle community?


RK:    Mental retardation has so many different causes.


Q:      Well, those that do not have any identifiable organic cause, let us say.


RK:    Then you are going to have to talk about things that might be induced by other entities beyond the physical plane, I presume. That is a possibility.


Q:      Frequent?


RK:    A lot more than it should be, I think. There are many causes of  autism in children, but one of the important reasons is that they are controlled by another entity. There does not seem much point in driving a child insane or keeping him from being effective, but it sure upsets the family he is in and can certainly “throw them for a loop.”


There has been a lot of work done by Glen Doman and Dr. Delacoto of taking children who are just so mentally retarded and so brain-damaged that they are just lumps on the floor and turning them into people with average or better than average IQ. Whereas, the general scientists or doctors would look at them and say they are hopeless and just institutionalize them until they die and that’s it. Unless there is gross damage like some severe mechanical injury—getting run over by a tractor or something like that as a youngster could mean that there is no way of getting to be normal again—but there are ways of training the brain to do the things its needs to do. It is designed with all the potential to do so and since there is no such thing as an Etheric pattern or Vital body that starts out imperfect, although, mentally, the incoming Ego can modify the growing Etheric pattern so as to cause some kind of defect in the physical body. It is possible. Everybody starts out with a perfect Etheric pattern in their Vital body and that carries the potential for all the things that are necessary to be a fully functioning human being. Although there has been some kind of detect induced by chemicals or genetics and so forth, it seem like the brain is one of those things that can be made to function. If life occurs, the brain should be sufficiency undamaged to be able respond to the Doman-Delacoto techniques. We have not yet tried the claims, but the parents of the children who were rescued managed to form such a strength in the courts that they were unable to be denounced. (01-1983)