Mental Communication


     Richard was asked whether symbols are used in conveying messages by mental telepathy. He answered no, that instead actual pictures convey telepathic messages. While some people are verbally oriented and tend to think out problems in word logic, others tend to think mathematically or pictorially. Richard said that inventors almost universally think in pictures, which helps account for the fact that inventions usually appear simultaneously in diverse parts of the world, without any communication having consciously taken place between the two inventors. There is nothing so perfect or clear as an actual picture of what you are trying to convey telepathically. If, for example, you want to communicate the idea of a cat, you may send the word, “cat”. Some people, but only those who understand English, may pick up your message. There is no mistaking a visual image, however, and no one could fail to understand what you are trying to say if you send an actual mental picture of a cat. (02-1970)