Can Your Pray for Protection While You Explore the Astral Plane?


Q:††††† On that same point, my question is, are there ways before you go into meditative situation, where you open yourself up to the possibility of mental, can you ask for protection and have some assurance that you will get it?


RK:††† Well, this is a funny situation because Christ said there are certain things that He is going to try to protect you against, particularly influences from the Astral plane which are not good for you as people. But, you have the right to probe into such things of your own volition if you choose to do so. It is just that He is setting up a barrier to keep them, on the other side, from influencing you when you do not want them to. So, that is where the safety is. When you, of your own volition, enter into an area where you could possibly be getting in touch with other entities, then you automatically have to eliminate your request or your desire for Christís protection. So, it is not a thing which is compatible. Yet, you may choose to enter into those other realms, but you cannot do it with Christís protection.


Q:††††† You cannot ask for protection against negative entities can you?


RK:††† Because that is where you are going, you know. When you enter into the Astral world, indeed, there are some really negative types, but there also are people there who have just gone through transition and they are not necessarily bad. Some of them are earthbounds in their consideration. They are more interested in things that are going on here in this physical world among human beings who are alive than getting into the real ephemeral kinds of hard-to-grasp concepts that you have to deal with all the time when you are on the upper Astral plane or, at least, indeed, anywhere on the Astral plane. Those are the types of persons who you are most likely to get in contact with because they are always looking to be heard, looking to have an influence on the world through somebody who will give them that avenue. That is why there is always somebody hoping to find somebody who has lowered their threshold of will to the point where they can seize the opportunity, as it were, to be an influence on somebody. (02-1983)