Can a Person Breakthrough to Their Ego Through Meditation?


Question:  Does an Ego's breakthrough from the limits of his present brain to all the soul knowledge he Egoically incarnated with occur through the meditation process?


Richard:     There are many methods of meditation and meditation is limited. People who are most successful at it do so by improving their character through the Great Virtues, and this tends to give correspondent insights into one's Egoic memory. Meditation, clairvoyance, etc., are all mental activities. A person who is clairvoyant is not using any kind of physical organ in order to perceive what is going on on the other planes, neither is he using anything which is analogous to a physical organ in the Astral body. The Astral body doesn't have any organs, it's just a shell for identifying purposes; so clairvoyance is a Mind-to-Mind connection. And this seems to be enhanced by actually becoming a better person, consciously working to become a better person thus elevating one's vibrational spectrum, and using certain techniques of intensifying the normal senses. This is mostly done by concentrating very carefully on what is being said, truly listening to the other person's Mind rather than the words he's struggling with to express himself-being able to sense the kinds of energies, positive or negative, that are around another individual.


All of us at times have this sense. Particularly with extreme cases, a person who is extremely positive and loving can be picked up on just by being in his or her presence, and he doesn't even have to say anything. You can sense other people who are extremely negative and feel very downtrodden in their own minds almost instantly, just in encountering them without really knowing anything about them. Concentrating upon a true understanding of what another person is all about enhances one's own sensitivities. (07-1977)