Marriage – Reasons for Longevity


          A member proffered the subject of marriage for the open discussion period. It was mentioned that about ninety percent of the people in the United States marry at some time in their lives. Approximately seventy-five percent remain married with varying degrees of success, and the other twenty-five percent end their marriages in divorce courts.

          Talk centered at one point around the reasons why people choose a certain partner. That these reasons are most often based on emotion rather than thought was an opinion expressed by several, and the number of broken homes and distressed marriages in evidence tend to confirm this suspicion. But as Richard pointed out, even the most carefully planned marriage is not guaranteed to succeed. Individuals may grow at different rates—and sometimes in opposite directions, so that they find themselves unable to agree in important areas. Therefore it is vital that a couple at least reach philosophical accord and become good friends before marriage.

          In the Nation of God every possible effort will be made to help men and women achieve a marriage which nurtures individual advancement. There, however, even as it is here and now, the strength of the marriage will depend upon the love and devotion of each mate for the other. (02-1969)