One person wanted to know whether the use of a mantra or sound brings greater success during meditation. Richard answered that there are dozens of such tricks used to focus the mind for meditation. He said that ideally, meditation should be a concentration exercise used to bring a sense of peace and to achieve a focusing of the mind on a desired subject. Also, devotion to the Higher Beings is safe only so long as one does net become ecstatic or seek inspiration or voices. Some techniques of meditation induce mediumship, and these are definitely to be avoided because thousands of mediums are killed every year by lower entities who have gained control over them. Correct techniques of meditation can also be used for positive visualizations of one’s own environment or for the good of humanity. Concentration on peace, justice, etc., help to bring about these conditions. Therefore, Richard recommended the use of meditation for positive concentration or devotion to the Higher Beings but never for the purpose of seeking inspiration or information. (05-1969)