Humans on the Moon


I will try to provide some kind of understanding of things that you might hear or read about relative to mysterious advisors to our government. Something was there before our Moon Lander got there, but who or what we do not know; little men or human beings. As I have said before, the Brotherhoods’ statement is that the people who used to live in Atlantis decided to set up a colony there. It is descendants of people from our planet who are living on the Moon. They live underground, but it is hard to prove that, however.


For 200 years people, with strong enough telescopes, have noticed lights moving around on the Moon. The bigger telescopes can see tracks in the dust on the surface where the machines have been. The conclusion was that there was equipment up there doing mining operations. NASA purposely landed astronauts near those craters where different kinds of mining activity were noticed—they are assuming it was mining activities.


Moon quakes were generated by our astronauts with explosives on the Moon in order to use seismic equipment to measure the patterns of those blasts as they transmitted through the various layers of the Moon. The results enabled our scientists to determine the Moon’s structure, which seems to be fairly metallic with a lot of hollow spaces inside. So that may be how the Moon’s residents can get around inside. Atlantean exploration of the Moon dates back to the Ram Sita epic


I believe such “aliens” come from the Moon and are human beings who are part of our Egoic lifewave; they are a race of homosapiens. An Atlantean colony was set up on the Moon about twenty-thousand years ago, and those people live underground. Their skin pigmentation has grown grayish over generations as compared to those of us still on Earth, who over generations, have been exposed to sunlight on a regular basis.


They are entitled to visit or even live on the Earth  because this is their native planet. They are part of the human life wave of this planet and so the people are able to incarnate there and travel back and forth here. You cannot say that that is interference, but are they all good guys or bad guys? Are they here to help us or hinder us or will they do just about anything to keep us from getting back up there? We do not know. They are not telling us. The more mysterious they are the better off they are.


The humans living on the Moon have a superior technology evolved directly from Atlantis. They had to have a pretty high technology in order to get there in the first place. They visit us quite frequently, but they are not really from another planet. They are part of our lifewave and their Egos can incarnate here on the Earth or you may choose to reincarnate on the Moon next time. So we humans have two technology branches and any of us can choose between incarnating here and incarnating there. I think most people who incarnate on the Moon have a tendency to keep doing that all the time; a couple hundred thousand on the Moon, I would say.


How many people on Earth know about this or are even aware of such information? Well, it goes back to President Eisenhower’s administration, so, you know, this is not a very recent thing. There are a lot of people who officially know about it, and the Moon people probably even have passed along some of their technology to members of our government. But now we are really getting into a lot of speculation.


I showed around to some people, last time, photographs that showed very clearly clouds in the Moon’s atmosphere, including the shadows on the ground as well as the shadows themselves. Those pictures were taken by NASA and somehow let loose. I think if they had gone over some of the photographs much more clearly they would not have let that one out.