Is Divorce Allowed In Stelle?



Question:   I was wondering. Iím getting the message here in Stelle that divorce is strongly discouraged; however, in certain circumstances, it may be permissible. However, from reading the Bible, I get the impression that it is definitely a no-no under any circumstances. Is there an inconsistency there?


Richard:       Well, there has always been room for divorce. If a person is subjected to extreme cruelty by their spouse or thereís just nothing happening between them, there has always been room for annulment.


Question:     Christ says that any man who divorces his wife and goes with another is committing adultery.


Richard:       He was concerned with the individual who is trying to make a marriage and then is lusting after somebody else, and finally, because of his lust, says, ďIíve had enough of this,Ē or just runs away; disappears or goes someplace else and you never find him again so he can be with another person, is really doing a disservice to everyone concerned, and itís just not fair and itís not right. Whether you go to hell for it is something else again. I think thatís an ecclesiastical interpretation, which serves to force people who are kind of childish for a long time to do what the state wanted them to do. But then again, most people didnít live much past twenty-eight or thirty years old, and most people could stand fourteen years of marriage because they got married at about fourteen. But when you start talking about thirty or forty years, maybe itís not for the greatest good of all concerned. But I donít know that for a certainty. Every culture, in every age, has its own unique ways of looking at things, and we seem to be in a different mode at the present time than what has been going on for quite a long time. But there have been much more lucid era than ours in the Christian world. About two centuries ago, things were a heck of a lot worse than they are today, as far as morality is concerned, or the honoring of marriage and things of that sort.