In Answer To Countless Questions


By the Lemurian Fellowship


EVER SINCE the mundane program of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD was begun, and the Lemurian Fellowship was established to further its progress, thousands of individuals from all walks of life have inquired about the nature and purpose of the Great Work.


Some of these people have merely been curious to know what was going on, a few have tried to tell us how to conduct our work, but the majority have been individuals who sincerely desired to know what we believe, what we teach, where our Philosophy comes from and what we are endeavoring to accomplish.


In accordance with good judgment, we have always tried to answer each person’s questions clearly and completely because we would not want to deny anyone the truth about what the Great Ones of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD are striving to accomplish throughout the world by way of helping man to realize his full potential as a human being.


Because so many people tend to ask more or loss the same questions of us, we felt that readers of LEMURIAN VIEWPOINT would welcome this issue which is being devoted to answering the most frequently-asked questions about the Lemurian Program.


QUESTION:     What is the Lemurian Fellowship?


ANSWER:        The Lemurian Fellowship is a School of Universal Philosophy established under the direction and guidance of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD, one of the original MYSTERY SCHOOLS of this human life wave.


The Fellowship operates on the Physical Plane as a mundane facility of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD. It is the only earthly organization authorized to work directly with those individuals who desire to em­brace the Lemurian Philosophy and to help fulfill the Great Work of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD.


QUESTION:     Is the Lemurian Philosophy a religious teaching?


ANSWER:        Yes, the Lemurian Philosophy is considered a religious teaching, its religious design being to teach people how to recognize, understand and apply God’s Universal Laws and Principles. It is a practical teaching which can be used moat ef­fectively in solving the countless difficulties and problems of life which man inevitably encounters in the course of his ongoing.


The Lemurian Philosophy stresses the need for raising the positive levels of human thought and action to the highest degree possible, so that in time mankind may be wholly engaged in the practice of constructive living.


QUESTION:     Is the Lemurian Philosophy in harmony with Christian Principles?


ANSWER:        Most assuredly it is! The simple and ef­fective religion philosophy as postulated by the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD and disseminated by the Fellowship is the same Teaching as that enunciated by the Great Being we know as Christ.


QUESTION:     How old is the Lemurian Philosophy and what is its origin?


ANSWER:        Although the Lemurian Philosophy is the Teaching of Christ, it is much older than the moat recent Advent of this Great Teacher which we know took place approximately 2,000 years ago.


Christ first brought His Message and Teaching to mankind over 76,000 years ago when He appeared upon earth for the purpose of establishing the basis of thought and action by which the people of the vast Mukulian Empire were to conduct themselves in order to so perfect their civilization that eventually it would grow into the promised Kingdom of Heaven.


The Great Being we refer to as Christ was known to the people of Mu as Melchizedek. Biblical ref­erence to Him is found in Hebrews, VII, 3, where it is said: “Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of Cod


As long as the Empire enjoyed the advantage of Christ’s leadership and guidance, it flourished. But after His initial Mission was fulfilled and He was no longer active in directing the affairs of the land, many of the people turned away from His beautiful Teaching and Philosophy, and thus began the inevitable decline and disintegration of the world’s first and greatest civilization.


The closing days of this promising society and culture were marked by the unleashing of Nature’s most devastating forces, bringing catastrophe and disaster to the Motherland. of Mu. Now submerged beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean, this one­time advanced civilization lies mute and obscure to historians of the modern world.


But although the major portion of the Continent of Mu has been inundated, and little physical evi­dence of its former existence remains to be seen, the complete record of its people, its culture and all that was accomplished during the 50,000 years of its history as a civilization is now in the Ar­chives of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD, And so here we find one of the most highly respected and best in-formed MYSTERY SCHOOLS of all time.


The LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD grew out of one of the original Citizenship Schools of Mu. It was inaugu­rated as a HIGHER MYSTERY SCHOOL by Melchizedek at the time He was guiding the affairs of the Empire. Other BROTHERHOODS were also established at this time and have been functioning without interruption ever since.


Throughout the thousands of years between then and today, the Great Ones of the LEMURIAN BROTHER­HOOD have been especially concerned with the one great social purpose of man’s existence — the need to build a truly worthy civilization. For, as we are told, without this collective accomplishment, man will have failed to fulfill one of the essen­tial requirements of human advancement.


At least twice in the past, man has been on the verge of enjoying the wonder and sweetness of God’s Kingdom on earth, but each time he has turned away from potential success by indulging his personal ambitions and desires, and by displaying his apparent unwillingness to live in strict compliance with the Universal Laws and Principles of God and Nature by which all life is governed.


Down through the ages, the Great Ones of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD have made a careful study of the countless factors, human and otherwise, which have contributed to the success and failure of all past civilizations. Their records are complete and exhaustive; Their findings of inestimable value to the future of mankind. And out of all this, They have evolved Their Master Plan for the integration of a New Age Civilization, the fulfillment of which is known today as the “Great Work” of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD.


All of the BROTHERHOODS are in rapport with this great undertaking, each one adding its share to the final success of a work begun on Mu long, long ago.


This, in brief, is the background in which will be found the origin of the Lemurian Philosophy and the antiquity of the Lemurian Program.


QUESTION:     How many years has the Fellowship been in existence?


ANSWER:        The Lemurian Fellowship cane into being on September 16, 1936. (This date was the

sane as that recorded in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh symbolically indicating the date of “entrance into the King’s Chamber.”)


QUESTION:     Where was the Lemurian Fellowship first established, and where does it presently

maintain its Headquarters?


ANSWER:        The original offices of the Lemurian Fel­lowship were located in Chicago, Illinois. It was from here (on September 16, 1936) that the first pieces of literature were placed in the mail and preparations made to accept student enrollments for the Fellowship’s Correspondence Course in the Lemurian Philosophy.


Within a few months the Fellowship transferred its Headquarters to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, carrying the program forward from that city until 1938 when its educational facilities and teaching personnel were moved to Chula Vista, California.


Chula Vista served as Headquarters for approxi­mately three years. Then, in 1941, the Fellowship purchased property near the community of Ramona in Southern California. Additional property in the area was purchased a year or so later and this has become the permanent Headquarters of the Lemurian Fellowship, It is situated on a beautiful hillside along State Highway 67, about 5 miles southwest of Ramona and some 30 miles inland from San Diego.


QUESTION:     Who founded the Lemurian Fellowship?


ANSWER:        Before answering this question specifically, it must be understood that while the

Lemurian Fellowship is the earthly teaching channel of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD, it is not a part of this HIGHER MYSTERY SCHOOL itself.


The individuals who make up the Fellowship Staff are not unlike many of the people one encounters in everyday life, But the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD con­sists of highly Advanced Egos known as Adepts and Elder Brothers. These Great Ones have evolved so far beyond the mass of humanity that it no longer is necessary for Them to incarnate into the physi­cal world, even though it is obvious that They are deeply concerned about it. Their consuming inter­est lies in helping the rest of mankind to advance, and this They do primarily from the Mental Plane—a much higher dimension than the Physical Plane.


Now because there is such a difference between these two levels of human consciousness and activity, the Great Ones must provide a suitable way of bridging the communication gap between Themselves and those of us with whom They desire to work. The problem is not a matter of Their knowing what we are thinking or doing (for this They can determine readily) but rather one of conveying Their thoughts, ideas and suggestions to us so that we will come to recognize them for their true value and make wise use of the information They release to us.


All this sounds quite plausible, but the task of injecting Higher Help into the mold of habit-ridden humanity is not so easily accomplished as one might imagine. As man grows more sophisticated, he also becomes less inclined to heed the counsel or profit by the example of Those who have achieved greater advancement… regardless of who They may be. Thus, when the Great Ones made Their plans for the establishment of a mundane school designed to teach the Lemurian Philosophy and inspire enthusiasm for the Work of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD, They did so fully aware of man’ s constantly-increasing skepticism and sophistication.


To work under these difficult circumstances, the Great Ones of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD selected as Their Direct Emissary, the Ego best known to us as Dr. Robert D. Stelle, It was this beloved teacher and friend who was responsible for the founding of the Lemurian Fellowship in 1936, and it was he whom the Elder Brothers knew would be capable of trans­mitting Their desires and instructions to those of us who were to assist him in organizing the work of the Fellowship and in furthering its purpose.


During the years that Dr, Stelle was physically occupied in establishing the proper foundation for the mundane program of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD , he not only worked closely with the Fellowship Staff in promulgating the Philosophy, but he also saw to it that his administrative and teaching organization was sufficiently well-trained and experienced to carry on with the work when he would no longer be with us physically. Dr. Stelle went through transition March 8, 1952.


QUESTION:     Who is the present leader of the Lemurian Fellowship?


ANSWER:        Ever since the Fellowship was incorporated in 1942 as a non-profit, non-stock, religious organization, its affairs have come under the jurisdiction of its Board of Governors, Dr. Stelle acting as President until his transition in 1952. Today no single individual heads up the Fellowship; the responsibility rests entirely with the Board.


This administrative body consists of people who live and work at Fellowship Headquarters and who devote their full time and effort to the Lemurian Program, Each individual now serving on the Board was selected for this responsibility by Dr. Stelle with the full approval of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD.


Notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Stelle is no longer “physically” engaged in the affairs of the Fellowship, he is still the Direct Emissary of the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD and continues to act as intermediary between the Great Ones and the Fellowship. His constant guidance and influence in the work is unmistakably evident… especially to those who are closely attuned to him. (Just how all this is accomplished is well-understood by students of the Lemurian Philosophy.)


QUESTION:     How does the Lemurian Philosophy compare with other Truth Teachings?


ANSWER:        It has always been the Fellowship’s policy to avoid comparing the Lemurian Philosophy

with the teachings and beliefs of others. Although there are some organizations that do this, the gen­eral tendency is to champion one’s own cause while depreciating the others. Not only is this unfair, but it could undermine a person’s basic beliefs so much as to leave him without the spiritual supports he vitally needs, It is detrimental to a person’s best good and an outright violation of Cosmic Law.


All philosophies, all religions and all beliefs have their proper place in human affairs, and in one way or another, each contributes to man’s Egoic unfoldment and development. To be sure, some are more reflective of Universal Truth than others, but who can say that any one is the only Truth, or that any one is the only spiritual channel through which man can attain the goal for which he is striving?


Throughout the course of his ongoing, man tends to gravitate toward that which will bring him the greatest solace, comfort, inspiration and spiritual upliftment. At one moment he clings tenaciously to his most cherished beliefs, and in the next, he casts them aside as he reaches upward to grasp new ones. What may fill his urge to be Universally secure today, may not do so at all tomorrow.


And so it is that man alternately embraces and discards… seeks and enfolds… each time reaching a little higher because of having outgrown a code of ethics, ideals and standards which once served him well, but which no longer suffice.


The Fellowship knows that it is cosmically wrong to interfere with man’s Egoic struggle toward at‑one‑ment with God, But to offer him greater purpose and new concepts of life and action at a time when he is reaching out in search of Higher Truths and more permanent values, is quite another matter.


To set forth its purpose and precepts clearly and concisely is one of the Fellowship’s greatest responsibilities, both to the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD .and to those whose quest for Truth has brought them to the threshold of the Lemurian Philosophy.


QUESTION:     Is the Lemurian Philosophy available to everyone, regardless of color or creed?


ANSWER:        Yes it is, People of any race or religion may enroll with the Fellowship as students

of the Lemurian Philosophy. However, the applicant must be at least 16 years of age and able to read and write English, The Philosophy is not available in other languages at the present time.


QUESTION:     Is your Teaching offered to children?


ANSWER:        Yes, provided at least one of the parents is an enrolled student of the Fellowship

and has progressed to a certain point in his study of the Lemurian Philosophy.


QUESTION:     If I were to enroll as a student,  would my study of the Lemurian Philosophy tend

to upset my present beliefs?


ANSWER:        Students of the Lemurian Philosophy often find themselves voluntarily relinquishing

old ideas and beliefs because they want to replace them with those which they now feel will serve them better, This is characteristic of all growth and development and can hardly be considered upsetting.


However, the Fellowship does assure each student that he need not unwillingly surrender any concepts or beliefs in which he takes comfort. Instead, he is simply asked to hold these in abeyance until the basic truths and principles he is learning about in the Lemurian Philosophy have had tine to penetrate his reasoning mind and have become both meaningful and satisfying to him. Thus, there is no basis for anyone to feel that his most cherished beliefs will be “upset.”


QUESTION:     If I am presently satisfied with my own beliefs, why should I consider studying

the Lemurian Philosophy?


ANSWER:        Perhaps you ought not to consider such an important step at this time. Even though

the Lemurian Philosophy is available to everyone, it is utter folly to think that it will serve the present needs of all people. If your understanding of Universal Truth and the reason for your being is sufficient to enable you to solve the problems of your life and environment, then you ought to cling to what you have for doubtless it is what you need.


On the other hand, one of the great deterrents to man’s steady progress along the Path is a tendency every now and then to become overly satisfied with himself and his environment, This is a real danger sign… a forewarning against possible backsliding… a condition to watch out for. Why? Because in a Universe which is geared to evolutionary progress and constant refinement, one cannot stand still without losing ground to others about him who are moving ahead.


The inquiring individual who has brought himself to the point where he is considering a study of the Lemurian Philosophy should be able to reason that what the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD has released for the greatest good of mankind could hardly be otherwise. Nevertheless, its real value can be proven only by those who have used it in their lives and affairs.


QUESTION:     Does the Fellowship  conduct any classes in the Lemurian Philosophy?


ANSWER:        No, we do not have classes in the Lemurian Philosophy. Ever since its inception, the

Direct Emissary of the L LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD has advocated the “correspondence” method of teaching and training — a system which has proven itself to be both efficient and effective over the years. To have classes would be of little value to our world­wide student body, so the teaching staff confines itself solely to personal correspondence.


QUESTION:     How can teaching through correspondence be considered “personal”?


ANSWER:        When an individual enrolls for the purpose of studying the Lemurian Philosophy, the

responsibility for his instruction and training is assumed by the teacher to whom his work is assigned and, insofar as possible, this sane teacher works closely with the student for as long as the latter remains active.


As a result of the correspondence which takes place between teacher and student during the course of one’s training, it is generally found that a splendid relationship and understanding is built up between the two, And because of this rapport, one can see that the teaching and training is personal in the sense that it is individual, something that is lacking wherever group instruction is employed.


QUESTION:     What can I hope to gain by enrolling as a student of the Lemurian Philosophy?


ANSWER:        Much of what could be said in response to this question will be found in the answers

to the previous questions which we assume have been carefully read. However, here are four good points:


1)      Through the study of the Lemurian Philosophy one gains an understanding of the purpose of human life and why it is so essential for man to advance.


2)      He learns how to control and improve the cir­cumstances of his life and affairs.


3)      He learns how to bring into his environment things and conditions which are for his best good.


4)      Through the wise use of God’s Divine Laws he grows more secure, gains peace of mind, and enjoys the genuine satisfaction of true accomplishment.



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