Dweller on Two Planets


Neither Mr. Zitko nor Dr. Stelle originated the information of the Lemurian Philosophy. These papers were inherited by Mr. Zitko when he was about 18 years of age. Mr. Zitko sought to hire an editor to turn the manuscript into something salable, and a literary agent in Chicago brought Zitko and Stelle together and these two then edited it in the form of lesson materials rather than a book. Mr. Zitko was then about 21 years of age and Mr. Stelle, about 52. Mr. Zitko, being educated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the time that the governor of Wisconsin and the mayor of Milwaukee were both members of the American Socialist Party, Howard’s Public School education was heavily influenced by teachings of socialism. It was in the areas of socialism and its economic precepts that Howard added to the original manuscripts. Howard came across the manuscripts for Dweller on Two Planets and An Earth Dweller’s Return, by Phylos, the Tibetan who mentally induced an insane youth, confined to an asylum, to act as emanuensis for this automatic writing. Phylos is known to my Teachers as a Nether Entity who mentally tortured Frederick Spencer Oliver with voices, repeatedly telling him how evil he had been in past lives and the punishments he must yet endure to pay for his fall from goodness. All my Teachers have reiterated that no Brother or Higher Being may at any time take control of an incarnate person’s brain for the purpose of mediumship or automatic writing.


The Lemurian Theo-Christic Cosmo conception was formulated several years after the founding of the Lemurian Fellowship in 1936 as a direct result of Howard’s enthrallment with his newly discovered works by Phylos. These books were published by the Lemurian Press in Milwaukee before World War II. When he joined Dr. Stelle in California, Howard established a church in Los Angeles where he dressed himself in magnificent priestly robes and conducted services which, at times, involved him being a medium for Phylos. Howard continues this practice today and often gives descriptions of the messages from his “control” during winter solstice services. Although Howard’s church provided a lucrative income, Dr. Stelle and other directors of the Lemurian Fellowship, demanded that he close the church, whereupon Howard quit the Fellowship and started his World University. I visited Mr. Zitko in Tucson in 1974. The World University is an office in his home.


About 15 years after Dr. Stelle died, the Lemurian Fellowship directorship came under the control of those of the Milwaukee people who were of pro-Zitko philosophy (though not for Howard himself). In order to improve their income situation, they reprinted Phylos’ two books, to which they still owned the copyright. My strong objection to this precipitated a final split between The Stelle Group and the Lemurian Fellowship. My Teachers indicate to me that the tone, ideas and philosophy presented by Phylos of life in Atlantis is false; however, many of the physical descriptions of its cities and terrain are correct.